Monday, February 28, 2011

Odds & Ends

The weekend retreat was a blast for both A and M. Anna didn’t have play rehearsals, so she was able to go. She fell in the river and bruised her knee. M played laser tag. I volunteered both Friday & Saturday night and had a good time. They served 2600 Chickfila sandwiches in 15 minutes. Will post a L-O-N-G recap later.

Watched almost the entire Oscar broadcast, including the red carpet.

Working to visit both the capitol and White House in June. The Nats aren’t home when we can go. Haven’t checked Baltimore, but I might. When I checked the work vacation schedule I noticed a co-worker is taking the same weeks as me, in both June and July. He’s also going to DC in June, and staying in western Fredericksburg, like us. I hadn’t planned on crossing paths with Dennis, since we’ll be staying with friends.

My friend Bryan is going to start filming his movie in late March. Has to do with church softball. Smoltz and Jeff Foxworthy may be involved.

Other friends were down at Disney this weekend…his wife ran a marathon through the parks. It started at 5 am. All women, and most wore tiaras and posed with Cinderella.

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