Monday, February 14, 2011

Weekend: Anna's Audition

Busy weekend. Took M to his last basketball practice Friday night.

Saturday morning I drove Anna up to her audition in 9 am South Forsyth County audition. Since it ended at 10:30 I didn’t return home…instead I hit the Cumming Chickfila and Goodwill. There was no room to watch at “The Performers Exchange.” At nearly eleven a beaming Anna came out to the car…she had made the initial cut, and was going back inside for more. Later she said the difference between the experienced and novice dancers was easy to determine.

I retraced the ten miles back to CFA to get Anna lunch, almost forgetting the brownie I always sneak in her bag. With another 2-1/2 hours to kill, I found a Wi-Fi hotspot and shopped at Kroger. Somehow Anna’s iPod called my phone, so I returned to the studio & worked on my laptop. Eventually most of the girls left, but not Anna. When the call came out for tap dancers, Anna was one of seven to respond…further securing her place in the show. On the way home we stopped by Sonic for celebratory milkshakes.

Back home we looked up YouTube videos of “The Wiz,” the 1978 Michael Jackson/Diana Ross/Nipsy Russell soul musical. I’m not sure what Anna thinks about what she’s gotten herself into. Sunday after church I discovered the movie playing on the Black Entertainment Television network. She watched for five minutes, then scampered upstairs to do homework.

Watched some of the Pebble Beach Pro-Am all weekend. As usual, Bill Murray and Ray Romano were putting on a show. Will and Anna were headed to Cartersville for the “Distinguished Young Women of Bartow County” pageant. Since the van hadn’t been washed since before Christmas, I was embarrassed into scrubbing it down (as well as filling up the tank).

After they left we took Matthew to the new Chepe’s Mexican Grille, on Johnson Ferry. Having just opened earlier in the week, it was packed, particularly with families with young children. Most probably had the introductory BOGO coupon. The service was decent, considering how busy it was. Most of the wait-staff were young white Americans, though the food was brought out by Hispanic employees. There was a constant line of waiters queing to input orders into the two computers. After we got our food another server arrived with an apparent duplicate order. The portions were generous, but Ceil wasn’t impressed with her chalupa, or the “greasy” thin chips, which often broke when spooning up beans or rice. We’ll probably stick to Willys or El Porton.

After hitting Borders and Sears, we went home and watched “First Knight” – the Richard Gere/Sean Connery/Julia Ormond movie.

MC was one of eleven in the competition, formerly known as America’s Junior Miss. From the beginning it was evident she’d be one of the top combatants, and she actually won. The state competition is in July. At 11:00 pm the phone rang, and MC’s dad asked if W, A, and Haley Hurt could spend the night, since they had just made it to the restaurant. I wondered if Will would make it to his Sunday School class, but he actually arrived 30 minutes early. Following Dr Gilbert’s directions, he took 75 south, 285 west, and 400 north…a distance of 60 miles.

M made his first basket of the season in his 1:30 pm game, the final one of the season. Ceil brought the camera & took lots of pictures. With only seven players, the Heels won 30-19. Took Ceil down to the Tabernacle for the 6 pm Passion service. Louie and Tomlin were there, but Matt Redman was at the Grammys (their song didn’t win).

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