Friday, February 25, 2011

Friday Grab Bag

Papsito’s is loud, and often crowded. We usually forget about it. Ceil is Mexican-ed out right now, I think, though she didn’t say anything when I told her we were going to El Porton Tuesday. It beat fast food. I usually don’t check my Groupon emails every day, but Sunday I happened to see it was El Porton (while I was waiting for the 11:00 service to get out). I didn’t delete the email, but I forgot to pursue the opportunity. I have a similar $20 for $10 deal I can use.

When Ceil “joked” about eating out every Tuesday night, I “joked” that I’d look for another Chepes coupon. The next day a new one came in the mail. I saved it, but I think she threw it away.

I saw Hank was on Letterman, but I think that was the night I went to bed before 10 pm.

I liked the Braves article in SI. Interesting that FF & JH almost went out of their way to say they weren’t really really close. Perhaps that’s them being 21. I follow both on Twitter…FF seemed more happy go lucky, and JH more influenced by the older black leaders in his life. Where in Cobb County is convenient to both Turner Field and the Gwinnett ballpark? Vinings?

Publishers Clearinghouse often has cheap deals on SI, but it’s usually only for 20 issues. In this internet age, I still like to hold SI in my hands and look at the pictures. It’s doubtful I’d read all those great articles online.

Young Thomas is out sick today, and it’s time to do month-end stuff. Ogre wanted to fit in my review, so I cancelled lunch with Lorenz…then the Ogre’s boss dragged him to lunch. Tonight I’m supposed to work Walking Wisely Weekend Registration at NP, which will be a zoo. M is going. Anna doesn’t have rehearsal, so she may go as well.

Hopefully Saturday I’ll get stuff done around the house. Sunday Will leaves on his Living Science Leadership Retreat…at 6:30 am.

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