Friday, February 18, 2011

Thumbs Down on Gmomeo & Juliet

A and M went to see Gnomeo and Juliet with some friends around 5 pm Thursday, and Ceil and I went to pick them up at the mall. Ceil was talking to another mom in the food court. I wasn’t feeling well (still don’t) so I was bored. Anna’s group all agreed…the movie was terrible.

Wednesday day I had to talk more than usual. That afternoon I could tell my voice was scratchy, and I still feel poor. One guy was just getting over being sick, and Thursday the receptionist was out sick. Ceil also isn’t feeling great. Had to drive over near the Marietta Square and back. Thursday was a long day.

After Wednesday, Ceil said she liked the new American Idol judges better than the old ones. Me too.

Fred O Pitts used to have the trick where he put the coin in his ear and pulled it out of his mouth. When the kids were young I could fool them, but eventually they figured it out.

Weekends for the next few months will become predictable, with Anna having rehearsals on Friday, Saturday, and Tuesdays. I may watch some of the Slam Dunk.

Any early observations on the Braves? I guess it’s good that JJ and Moylan lost weight, though some pitch better when fat. UniWatchers will be all over Chipper for the tiny Mizuno logo visible sometimes on his socks.

Nothing like the feeling you get when you draw a really good @

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