Friday, February 04, 2011

Anna On The Go

Friday morning on the way to work I dropped Anna off at her best friend’s house. Two or three families are going to north Georgia for the weekend, and she’s tagging along. Thursday night Ceil took her to John’s Creek Baptist Church to find out about auditions for The Wiz. She tries out next Saturday, and will probably start taking a Sunday dance class. Hope this doesn’t conflict with her babysitting gig.

Due to the Super Bowl…

…Matthew’s Sunday game was switched to tonight.

…my customer is working Tuesday-Friday next week, instead of Monday-Thursday.

At lunch Friday my OLD GT friend Gene took me to lunch. He asked where, so I said Chinese, knowing it would be closer and quicker than other choices. Later I remembered that Ceil and I are going to PF Chang Saturday night with small group leader/accountant Steve, and his wife Sara.

Same Super Bowl party, at the Hurts. Supposedly the Marsh’s will be making an appearance. Sometimes they come, sometimes they don’t.

For fun, I wrote a review of MC’s play, and posted it on my blog, and linked it to Facebook. Thursday night MC let me know the review had been pasted on the theater company’s national website. Anna was scared her “I can dance better than those girls!” quote had gone viral, but it had been left out. For good measure, I removed the line from my post.

Will had to get up early all week for TeenPact. Last night he told me he had a new respect for me, getting up early every day. I almost told him that’s why he should stick with baseball, but I didn’t want to sound preachy.

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