Monday, February 07, 2011

January Thrift Store Recap

In January I did better toward my goal of cutting down my spending at thrift stores. I only spent $18.05, with over $11.00 of the total going toward a big TV (that was soon replaced by the in-law’s flatscreen).

2.62…red/black striped tie. Looks good, except the UGA colors. I needed a new tie…all my old ones are too narrow/out of style.

0.50…Left Behind video. Anna was enthralled in the Left Behind series, and we found two of the movies on the Interfaith Network. Found the first movie cheap at Goodwill.

0.50…Raising Arizona video. One of Ceil’s favorites, and a classic. Love Nicolas Cage.

0.40…1987 Baseball Encyclopedia. Amazingly cheap price. Goes nicely with my two 1969 editions.

2.12…white/green Puma Pele Brasil shoes. Cheap. Will look good on the Expedition. Later I game across the same shoes in green, with a yellow swoosh. They weren’t in as good shape, so I passed.

I’m also proud that I passed on the following items…

1. red high-top Chuck Taylors. Would’ve made me look like a clown. Could’ve bought them for Joel.

2. New Balance jacket. Nice, but I didn’t need another jacket.

3. Ohio State jersey. Too small for me, anyway.

4. Eagles McNabb jersey. XXXL…way too big. But it was nice.

5. KC Chiefs Joe Montana jersey. I might should’ve bought this one, though I’d never wear it.

Eating: I did pretty good about not overeating in January, though I pigged out Super Bowl weekend.

Exercising: Hurt myself the first time I exercised, and it’s not responding well to rest and heat. But after I go to the doctor, I should be able to resume exercising during therapy. Need to set up the treadmill I brought back from the in-laws.

I only give myself a C for working around the house, though I have been doing more. Aching leg doesn’t help.

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