Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Sheff's Funeral

Went to Mike Sheffield’s funeral in the large chapel at Perimeter, up where Johns Creek/Duluth/Alpharetta come together. Standing room only, packed with lawyers and teenagers. Bob Marsh said a few words and had the final prayer. A lawyer, judge, and two other pastors also spoke. Sat with Becky Norman and Dan Toholsky. Saw Myra, Barbara Brown, Jane Clifford, Marlys, and Burt & Kristina Norton.

Apparently Mike had a close call a few months ago, and while he’s been a devoted follower ever since he came to Christ back in 1983, it seemed like he was spending his last few months growing closer to God and his family. His wife was on a woman’s retreat this past weekend when he died.

Always mild-mannered, quiet, and self-effacing, the story was told of Mike’s acting aspirations. Several years ago he took a standup comedy class at “Evenings at Emory”, delivering an original routine for his final exam…based on his real-life legal cases. “You can’t make this stuff up!” was the line.

Made me want to start planning my own funeral.

Ceil and I went to the El Porton up in Johns Creek Tuesday night while A & M were in acting class. She has her eye on the Bonefish Grill, which I’m sure is in my future. Long day, none of us got home until after 9 pm.

Right when I was leaving work Tuesday at 3 pm (after 8-1/2 hours) young Thomas brought up a part we were in trouble on. I was on the phone for the next hour helping work it out, and Wednesday has been a total blur as well.

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