Thursday, February 17, 2011

As If We Weren't Busy Enough...

Tuesday I got off at three.

…Drove 20 miles home & changed.

…Drove 15 miles to Living Science to pick up C, A, & M.

…Drove 15 miles to Johns Creek Baptist Church for A & Ms drama class. This took an hour in traffic, even though I took a little-used route.

…Drove 15 miles to take Ceil home, since the house was a mess. I did the dishes, then…

…Drove 30 miles round trip to pick up A & M. Got home for good after nine.

A & M enjoyed their first “Broadway” theater class. Anna had to take it so she could be in the play. The ladies were thrilled to have Matthew, since there are so few boys (he was the only one in the class of eleven students). They each had to sing an unprepared solo last night, and in May they’ll sing in groups, for their small production.

Tuesday are going to be busy for the next ten weeks. Will has baseball…hopefully I won’t miss many games. We need to get Will a car, but he really won’t need it all summer.

He had an “interview” Tuesday afternoon for the summer camp position before practice, meeting a man he knows at Starbucks. The camp won’t pay much, but it should be a great experience. The camp offers a ropes course, rafting, canoeing, horseback riding, and rock climbing…nothing Will has much experience in. Looks like they’ll get muddy at times, which he will enjoy. After graduating May 21, he’ll be mostly gone from May 23 to August 20, with just a couple of breaks. In April he’s already got something scheduled for 23 straight days.

Knowing about the April Living Science trip, Crown still scheduled twelve games during that eleven day period…the busiest stretch of the season. Besides Will, the second-best pitcher will miss half those games, as well as one other starter. After returning Thursday night, the Saturday-before-Easter game will probably be cancelled.

Will got home from practice before we arrived. He was still in his uniform, but was wearing my 37 year-old polyester Braves cap. I feared he had worn it to practice, much like when David Wells wore Babe Ruth’s cap while pitching for the Yankees.

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