Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Another Crazy Weekend

Anna’s Friday rehearsal is from 5:30-9:30. Her babysitting job lasts till 6:30, but our neighbors are fine with their daughter riding to rehearsal and back. Being the first rehearsal, Anna wasn’t sure where it was. Entering the right side of the complex as we had for the Tuesday class, they couldn’t find anyone at the huge John’s Creek Baptist Church. They headed up 400 to McFarland, to where auditions had been held in South Forsyth. Strike two. Embarrassed, they returned home without calling.

Unlike baseball, I knew Anna would be immediately behind if she missed the first rehearsal. Being a newcomer, it would set her back all the more. When I talked to the harried director at the audition, I could tell that with all the work to be done, late arrivals and scheduling conflicts were not to be tolerated. I finally persuaded W to call MC, who knew the location of the rehearsal: the JCBC fellowship hall, located on the LEFT side of the building.

We made record time getting there, arriving at 8:30. Anna was embarrassed to be late, and it was obvious she’d already missed a lot. But since she made it, the director graciously set up time Saturday for her to learn what she’d missed. As it turned out, Saturday she was given key center-stage dances.

Saturday afternoon C, W, and A went to Perimeter for a sale. Beautiful weekend, and Will’s team didn’t practice. Watched the Slam Dunk Contest, and some of the Sunday night game.

Sunday I ran errands after NP, then came back to pick up C, A, and M at 12:30. Wasn’t a fan of that new campus minister coming back up for one last word after the final song, but he added one important thing that hadn’t been announced: the little forms could be handed in on the way out. I took a nap while Ceil ran Anna and her friend around. On the way home Monday I picked up Anna from her sleepover…they stayed up till 4:30 am.

Sunday I got word that Mike Sheffield had died, a friend from my single days at Second-Ponce. Mild-manned attorney who married a wonderful girl my age. His kids are 17 and 14. He was 61, and had unsuccessfully run a couple of times for the state court of appeals.

My Aunt Winifred also passed away up in northwestern Missouri. Due to the cold, they’re waiting until her April birthday to have a memorial service.

Over the weekend they rearranged some desks at work. One of the ladies that was moved near her found out Monday that her aunt had unexpectantly passed away, and she broke down. Today my boss is getting a stint put in.

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