Thursday, February 03, 2011


This week Will is attending TeenPact down at the state capitol, where homeschoolers learn about government. There are about 145 students that were divided into three political parties. Will’s Libertarians nominated him for governor, but he lost out to an Agrarian or Communist.

TeenPact was founded by my acquaintance Tim Echols, who was at UGA when I was at GT. Tim was just elected to the Public Service Commission, his first run for office. Thursday Will was stuck in an elevator with Tim, for about twenty long minutes.

Sunday when I picked Will up after the funeral he attended, I said “Nice shoes.” He was wearing my black dress shoes, that I usually wear to work.

Seems like lots of people are dying these days. This week: Gerald’s mother, Ashley’s grandmother, Sherryl’s grandmother, and Brad’s father in law. Perhaps I’m just more cognizant of death, reading about teen accidents on

Last week Will and Ceil saw Dominique at Lenox.

Many workers check email and use the internet, but there are always those who go too far.

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