Monday, February 07, 2011

Super Bowl Sunday

Actually watched most all of the Super Bowl pregame, first on ESPN, then on Fox. Two observations:

1. This was the first Super Bowl where both head coaches were named Mike.

2. For a while there it looked like the Super Bowl was going to sudden death. Not the two teams, but the fat Packers fan eating the bratwurst.

Big crowd at the Hurts (about 36). Mark and Leah brought Bob and Myra. Rocky’s family and the Chan’s, who we don’t know too well. Talked to Jere Goldsmith a good while about GT sports. All these guys left shortly after halftime. Toholskys and Normans stayed until the end of the game. Everyone’s kids came, except the Stephens girls. Will’s friend Kevin was there, and MC made a brief appearance.

BBQ pork and ribs from the Pig and Chick. Ate too much. David had to get up at 5:30 for children’s church rehearsal at 6:30, so he was nodding off during the fourth quarter.

Marsh said that he team teaches with Dan Hayes, Jim Phillips, and one other ex-SPdL guy, who I forget. Said it was a lot of fun, and that there were several ex-SPdL folk on the Deacon/Elder board. Neither Bob nor I could figure out the zany halftime show.

Cynthia Briscoe had a little sister named Laura. I play Family Feud on line, and Laura and I help each other out, just about every day! Things were great at SPdL when I was in college, the singles department, the Chapel and Sanctuary Choirs, and working in the youth department. But when we stopped working with the youth Sunday School and started going to the Adult Department, we were completely out of place.

Matthew’ team lost Friday night. Saturday he went with Will to math class and the Flight / Crown basketball game. With all the kids gone, I took Ceil to lunch at the Dekalb Famers Market. There’s always a huge crowd on Saturdays, and the Super Bowl made it worse. Got home, then went to PF Chang with Steve and Sara, from our small group. Afterward we had dessert at CafĂ© Intermezzo.

Good sermon Sunday, from Acts, about keeping the Gospel simple. On the way home I got a haircut, and bought Will some black Nike spikes.

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