Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Typographical Errors

Friday I had lunch with Reid. He gave me a recent issue of SLAM, where they ranked the top 500 players in NBA history…Pervis Ellison and Kevin Duckworth were ranked among the 490s. After the issue went to press, someone noticed they’d left out Gale Goodrich.

In his book “Baseball Is a Funny Game” Joe Garagiola retold the story of a player confronting the official scorer after the newspaper boxscore only credited him with two hits, instead of three. “Typographical error” explained the scribe. “Error!” exclaimed the player. “Two were clean singles up the middle, and the third was a line drive over the third baseman's head!”

Friday night I noticed a kid I know is friends with Paul Hewitt. I sent Hewitt a friend request, on a lark. Sunday morning he accepted my request, the day after he was fired.

Ceil took Will down to Peachtree City for Monday afternoon game. They played a tough team, and lost a close game. Will walked twice and got one hard single, driving in a run. It was an all Astroturf field, so Will wore his turf shoes. Sounds like there's one guy who knows the web-site the best, and he probably had to work. He left after the first game Saturday, and the other dad was struggling to get the new lineup posted in his phone. Tuesday’s DH at ECB was rained out. Thursday they play in Jonesboro, and in Chattanooga on Saturday.

Saturday Matthew went with me to Will’s game, then didn’t have anything to do when his little buddy didn’t show. He sat with me and my dad and watched the game.

I’ve got a huge ladder, so big that it’s kinda hard to lug around. When I got engaged in 87, the Doraville company I was working for closed down. Everything had to be cleaned out, so I paid ten bucks for a great ladder.

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