Monday, March 28, 2011

Taking a Stand

Sunday morning during the closing song Ceil whispered that she wanted me to stand up with her. The song hadn’t been especially moving to me, and no one in the East Auditorium had stood up yet. I shrugged my shoulders, not really wanting to. She stood up, so a second later I stood as well. No one else was standing. I took her hand, and she squeezed. Eventually a few others stood, scattered across the auditorium. After the longest time, the service ended. A lady behind Ceil thanked her for being so bold. Later I told Ceil she had a new spiritual gift…the ministry of standing!

Knowing the seats would be filled with conference attendees, North Point seemingly called out the A-team for the services. The new campus pastor had to get in his words of the week. Grizzled vet Todd Fields led the singing. Great sermon by Andy, but he seemed to be a little over the top, going out of his way to fully elaborate his point. Several near me were taking pictures and videos on their iPhones. The late-arriving couple next to me loved it, hanging on every sentence and filling in every blank.

Sunday afternoon Ceil was happy the Braves were on TV. She’s looking forward to Opening Day, and the specials on Fredi and Heyward. Spent most of the game reading Dan Brown’s third book, Deception Point.

Most of Saturday and Sunday I was upstairs organizing clothes. Got about 75% of it done. I’m giving away more this year than ever. I’ve got too much that I save, from Will’s little league jerseys, 21 years worth of Peachtree Road Race T-shirts, and other pro and college baseball, football, and hockey jerseys, caps, and T-shirts.

On the way home Friday I picked up Matthew in Johns Creek, and we ate at Moes. He’d read where fashionistas often assemble their wardrobes from thrift stores, so he wanted to go. He found a black bow tie. For the last year I had in the back of my mind to be on the lookout for a North Face jacket. Friday I happened to find a black one, in Matthew’s size. A great deal. Now I’m spending more time in the book section.

Not long after we walked in the nice Johns Creek Goodwill, a lady approached me, asking what size shoe I wear. Her husband needed a pair of cowboy boots for a costume, and wanted me to try on a pair for her.

As close as we live, I never see Claire or Andrew around town. That sure changed this weekend. Saturday morning I was taking Anna to her Johns Creek rehearsal around 9:15. At a Roswell stoplight Anna goes “There’s Mr. Andrew!” He was right next to us. Late Sunday afternoon I took Ceil to Kroger. As we walked in I remembered Claire and Andrew said they grocery shop every Sunday afternoon, but quickly dismissed the thought as I wandered through the store. Then I found the four of them in the back of the store, and we had a nice chat.

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