Monday, March 14, 2011

Noodles Neal

I hadn’t seen a picture of Craig Neal in years, since he “grew up.” Now he looks like a young Bobby Cremins! For a while he dated a girl I knew, don’t know if they got married. Sounds like his boss Steve Alford is pushing Neal hard for the GT job.

Friday night C and A went to Anna’s old ballet recital. I read the first half of Lang’s book Friday and Saturday night…great so far. Stuff about Lang (and the Braves) I didn’t know!

Matthew found a baby squirrel that must’ve fallen from a tree, and fashioned a bed in the garage, feeding it lots of peanuts and pecans. The squirrel seemed ok, and it played with Matthew and Anna. It also spent a lot of time sleeping.

Saturday W, M, and I left at 9 am, headed to McDonough for Will’s games. He did great. My dad drove up from Macon. Game two ended at 4:45.

Will pitched the last two innings, striking out three. The last batter swung at an inside pitch and fouled it off. The pitch actually hit the batter’s hand as he swung. The coaches thought he may have broke his hand, though he stepped back in and grounded out, to end the game.

Anna had rehearsal, then C and A went down to a paper store in Virginia Highland. BTW: Anyone who calls it "Virginia Highlands" or worse "The Highlands" isn't a real Atlantan.

Watch Kate & Leopold early Sunday afternoon. When I turned on the ACC final early in the first half, Duke already had a commanding lead. Did some yardwork, and worked on the computer a bunch, When Matthew got home from church, the squirrel was dead.

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