Thursday, March 10, 2011

Luis Salazar

Salazar played during the height of the baseball card craze. I seemed to get his card in every pack I opened…like the ones pictures on DOB’s blog. I immediately knew who he was, though I hadn’t heard the Braves had hired him. A guy I know was at that game.

I wasn’t feeling good Wednesday night, so I went to bed early.

Crazy about the refs walking off the court…wonder if they’ll be disciplined?

After the first game against a weak opponent (that they only won 7-3), Will’s more reasonable coach boasted that this year’s team has “tremendous speed” and “strong defense.” Bases were stolen because the opposing pitchers weren’t holding runners, and the catcher couldn’t throw. And the strong defense committed 5 errors in 7 innings. Perhaps I’m used to a higher level of baseball. Guess the coach was trying to be encouraging.

Will is behind the curve as it comes to college entrance stuff, which stresses him out. We’re finding out this play Anna signed up for will also be time-consuming, particularly the first two weeks of May. Thankfully it will just take up Anna’s and my time, and not adding to Ceil’s burden.

The kids take Ceil’s lead about waiting to the last minute to do things. When I try to get things done early I become the bad guy. Our friends in Virginia have been trying to get us to visit for years, so we’ve agreed on a week in June. Anna & Matthew will get to tour Washington. We usually don’t plan things out that far ahead.

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