Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Louis Zamperini

Andy had sent out tweets that Sunday’s service would be special, but toward the end of Jeff Henderson’s good sermon I was beginning to wonder. He read from a book, then brought out the author to read his own letter, forgiving his Japanese captor. Louis Zamperini was in his 90’s, though still spry. The congregation rose and gave him a long ovation. Amazing to see in person a living link to Hitler and Jesse Owens (his roommate in the Olympics). Here’s his profile from the USC Hall of Fame:

Louis Zamperini was not only one of USC’s greatest distance runners, but he gained international acclaim for his amazing exploits during World War II. A 3-year letterman (1938-39-40) who co-captained the 1940 Trojan squad and was a member of 3 NCAA championship teams, he was the NCAA champion in the mile run in 1938 and 1939. The collegiate mile record (4:08.3) that he set lasted for 15 years. He placed eighth in the 5,000-meter run at the 1936 Olympics. He was lost at sea during World War II, spending 47 days adrift and then two-and-a-half years as a prisoner of war in Japan (his experience was the subject of a CBS-TV feature, which was shown during the 1998 Winter Olympics).

Anna said she wanted to read Zamperini’s book.

It was a fast food weekend. Ceil took Anna to her Friday rehearsal and returned home at seven, saying she needed to be picked up at 7:30. I dashed to Johns Creek, only to find out her rehearsal was 7:30-9:30. Matthew and I ate at a pizza place in a nearby shopping center…very poor. Anna did gobble up the leftovers on the way home.

Saturday Will and I left for Rossville at 8 am. Before we left we ate a little breakfast, but also stopped at the Dalton Chickfila for biscuits. On the way back we hit Subway. Ceil had been sick all day, so I took her and Anna to Willys. Matthew had gone to a play, and after I picked him up, I got him a spicy chicken sandwich at Chickfila.

Sunday Will had sushi with Kevin and Haley. Anna had Chipotle with the Hargraves. On the way to pick her up I succumbed to a Taco Bell burrito.

Interesting how the “official scorekeeper”’s decisions seem to favor a certain player. Made me look up the scorekeeping rules for stolen bases, passed balls, and wild pitches. Saturday Will stole two bases that he wasn’t given credit for, though other players were credited for stolen bases that were actually wild pitches or passed balls. Eventually I related to Sunday’s sermon on forgiveness…now I guess actually need to!

See where Melky was hitting .500? Bet he doesn’t keep it up. Interesting that Schafer is doing so poorly. Just out of practice? Too early to be concerned about McLouth? I suppose anything Freddie contributes this year will be a plus. As his average dropped, so did his Tweets. After his two-error day, will Conrad still make the team? Guess his bat keeps him around.

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