Wednesday, April 04, 2012

March 29 Trivia

Will and I arrived late to trivia last Thursday, due to his 5:15 game. We joined Mary and David, Joel, and Michael. Matthew tagged along for the hot chocolate. Erin’s musical theme: Disney Songs.

1. What year were the Olympics held in Atlanta? An easy five points: 1996.

2. Which Backstreet Boy had a romantic relationship with Brittney Spears? Justin Timberlake. Three points.

3. In The Lion King, where was Simba told he could not go? The Elephant Graveyard. One point.

4. What sport is least watched in the US, but most watched in Canada? Hockey. Five points.

5. Who directed Jurassic Park? Michael arrived in time to answer: Steven Spielberg. One point.

6. What is the term for when a caterpillar turns into a butterfly? Metamorphosis. Three points.

7. What is the two-word term for when the moon passes between the sun and the earth? Solar Eclipse. Five points.

8. What vegetable takes its name from the capital of Belgium? Brussel Sprouts. Three points.

9. Which planet is the largest? Jupiter, of course. One point.

10. Name the baby of the following animals:

…Koala Bear: Joel asked me what a kangaroo’s offspring was called. Joey.

…Elephant: calf

…Cheetah: cub

…Deer: fawn

…Seal: pup.

At the half, our perfect score gave us a one-point lead over Bama. Three teams were two back.

11. What was the first vitamin to be discovered and named? We put too much thought into it, and answered vitamin C. It was A, of course. That perfect score didn’t last long. Luckily we only wagered two.

12. What is the official language of Egypt? Joel knew: Arabic. Six points.

13. What name was given to the bits of paper hanging from ballots in the 2004 Presidential election? Mary was the first to answer: Chads. Four points.

14. If the Julliard School is to New York City, the Berkeley School of Music is to what city? Will knew: Boston. Alma mater for musicians in Wheezer, Dixie Chicks, and the Black Eyed Peas. Six points.

15. What present day continent yields evidence of the earliest dinosaurs? We didn’t know, and answered Asia. It was South America. A two point miss. The teenage girls behind me exclaimed: China! I repeated their answer. After that, they stood up and left.

16. What is the name of the strait that separates the Mediterranean Sea from the Atlantic Ocean? Joel and I said it first: Gibraltar.

17. In which month did the Titanic sink? We didn’t know, until Michael remembered the 3D version was being released on the 50th anniversary…next week. April got us two points. Had we wagered four, we would’ve won.

18. What classic piece of literature contains the phrase “that’s the thing about girls: every time they do something… No one knew. My guess sounded good: Cheaper by the Dozen. It was Catcher in the Rye. A four point miss.

19. What are the two main species of commercially cultivated coffee called? Joel knew: Robusta and Arabica. Land of a Thousand Hills only serves Arabica, the higher quality of the two.

Before the final question, we still led by a point. Bama was still one point back, and the Sugar Boogers were two back.

20. What painters painted the five most expensive paintings? We got one: Paul Susan’s Card Players, Jackson Pollack, Dacono’s Woman # 3, Clement’s The Kiss”, Van Gogh.

Only one team got two of the five…the team with an art major, the Sugar Boogars. For the second straight week we lost by one point.

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