Thursday, April 12, 2012

Another Knife in the Back

Thursday we celebrated the work anniversary of two of my co-workers: Godzilla’s 25th anniversary was March first, and Arrowhead's 20th anniversary was February 24. Both are at least slightly miffed that in the past several weeks that there was no urgency to hold a five minute celebration. The always bold Dennis even openly chided his boss in a department meeting attended by the new VP. One excuse was the recent flooding and carpet replacement.

The slight has been the topic of much water cooler discussion. One 30th anniversary acknowledgement was similarly delayed, and it was not allowed to invite former associates now working in different departments. In 2007 my 20th anniversary was delayed, then scarcely mentioned by a different supervisor. There was no cake. Instead of being a time of celebration, to me it was a discouraging time that made me feel bad about my job, and me. Another long-timer felt the same way about her anniversary.

Another department is adjacent to our group, which has a morning meeting conducted by their boss. If an anniversary is missed by as much as a day, he apologizes profusely. Some supervisors take the employee out to lunch on their anniversery. In these days of limited budgets, it’s not about cake or lunch, but just not letting the day pass unremembered.

Everyone is different. Dialysis thinks Arrowhead is just dissing his boss. Its one thing to put an office full of 30 year employees out on the street in Chattanooga and in Florida. You’d think a company could take five minutes every five years to show appreciation for a long-time employee.

In January a 25-year employee left for a higher position (and salary) at a start-up competitor downtown. Just this morning ten year employee turned in his notice: he’s going to work with the same competitor . Some former Chattanooga employees have already taken contracts away from us. That’s business.

At one anniversary celebration earlier this year, the twenty year coworker seemed underwhelmed by the current state of the company. Several weeks after his celebration the employee took a job with a supplier. It would be nice if my upcoming 25th work anniversary is recognized on August third, though I shouldn’t get my hopes up. My feelings will surely be hurt if it’s not. That’s just the way that I am.

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