Monday, April 09, 2012

Bubba Wins the Masters

One of the greatest ever Masters, in my book. An Easter Sunday filled with lead changes, great shots, sudden death, birdies, eagles, and the first ever televised albatross. Hard to believe there had never before been one on that second hole.

It was interesting learning about Bubba Watson and his family. At the jacket ceremony the first thing Watson said was “I’d like to thank my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ”, and then he broke down in tears. It was right about then that Sportscenter lost its feed to Augusta. Later the Golf Channel aired his press conference, where he cheerfully answered every question, regardless of how personal they were. At one point he was explaining the special meaning Easter has for believers in Christ.

Sunday morning Watson tweeted “I Thessalonians 5:16-18: Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.” After his Saturday round he had tweeted “Thanks everyone for the support! 3 reasons tomorrow will be #awesome, 1. Jesus has risen 2. See my new baby boy & my wife 3. Masters Sunday”. His first tweet after winning was “To God Be The Glory!!! #Masters”.

Interesting how several Tour players were present on the 10th green when Watson tapped in the final putt, including Aaron Baddeley, Rickie Fowler, and Ben Crane. Baddelely and Crane are also Christians…Crane is pals with Louie Giglio. Brandel Chamblee said Watson struck a blow against all the over-coaching and swing changes, having never had a lesson. For a long time Watson would purposefully arrive early for practice rounds so he could play with Tiger Woods. This weekend Tiger broke Jack Nicklaus’ record for most cuts made at the Masters.

Apparently Watson’s wife Angie is a huge Braves fan, who follows every game pitch by pitch. Sunday she had a lot more tweets about the Braves than she did about the Masters. She is 6’4” and played basketball at UGA and the WNBA. Her height had something to do with their inability to conceive.

I got a lot done this weekend, cleaning up and straightening, doing laundry and putting away winter clothes. Saturday I about got sick again, sneezing and wheezing. Saw several decent movies:

…The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo: wild what Rooney Mara did to prepare for that part: tattoos and piercings. Her family runs the New York Football Giants.

…Crazy Stupid Love…hilarious scene where all the principals come together, it caught me off guard. Loved the cast: Julianne Moore, Analiegh Tipton, Steve Carrell, Kevin Bacon, etc.

…The Rebound…another fun story with a nice cast: the sidekick from National Treasure.

…Young Adult…nice how the townsfolk didn’t reject the returning big shot jerk.

Not really worried about the Braves. The last time they lost the first three games of the season, they went on to win 101 games. The Phillies, Red Sox, and Yankees also got off to slow starts. Mariano Rivera blew a save, and looked terrible.

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