Monday, April 16, 2012

Prom Weekend

Friday Will drove down to the Braves game for the first time ever. He got stuck in traffic, but he and Joel were still able to buy dollar tickets, and they both caught batting practice home runs. Will saw my friends during BP. They didn't stick around for fireworks.

Saturday I drove Will up to his game in Dalton. He got two hits, and they won 8-1. Drove back and dropped him off at the house, and drove over to Johns Creek to get in on the prom picture taking. Will and Joel went to Moes Saturday night.

I missed out on the first rounds of picture taking, at the boy's house. Met up with the other parents at Laurel Springs Country Club, in Johns Creek. Saw a couple from our old small group, who now goes to Johnson Ferry. I didn't leave the country club until almost eight, so C, M, and I ate at Chipotle on the way back.

Anna and her gang went to Waffle House after her prom, then spent the night at her girlfriend's house. Sunday she rode home with me from NP. She said there were two slow dances, and they went for refreshments during them. She was going to pay at Waffle House, but her date insisted. Sunday afternoon I posted the photos, mainly so the grandparents could see them.

C took A out shopping for prom stuff Friday night. I took M up to Kroger to get frozen pizzas, and we went back and watched the Braves.

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