Friday, April 06, 2012

Chinese Buffet

Brought leftover chicken casserole for lunch Friday. Around 9:30 am I couldn’t stand it any more, so I heated it up and ate it. Around noon my boss came out and dragged me to the nearby Chinese Buffet. It was better than usual, but it wasn’t long before I was stuffed. Tonight I’ll probably skip dinner. Not much going on with me this weekend.

Thursday I worked until 6 pm, then went home and changed into shorts. Kept on my Masters shirt…I’ve been wearing a different one every day this week. Went to trivia, came in a close second. Between ten and eleven Will and Joel changed the oil in Will’s car, and of course spilt some on the driveway, up by the street.

At eleven I drove up to Milton to pick up Anna, who had just arrived back from Seaside. She talked the whole way home about her week. Didn’t get to bed until long after midnight.

Tiger sounds confident, but based on the wet conditions, this probably isn’t his year. Same with Phil.

Looks like SS Pastornicky had a good day yesterday. Johan Santana looks like he may be back to his dominant pre-injury form. I didn’t see it, but I hate it when players in the late innings strike out because they’re trying to hit a game-tying home run. Not sure if that’s what Jason Heyward was doing.

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