Friday, April 20, 2012

Dominic's of Norcross

Next Wednesday night our department is eating at Dominic’s, the authentic Italian Restaurant in downtown Norcross. Thursday we’re having a customer appreciation day, and serving Spiced Right BBQ. Work is busy…EZGo is running wide open.

At work the renovation upstairs is moving along nicely, and our department will probably move up there next Monday morning. Yesterday George O’Leary’s daughter Chris commandeered the seating chart. Pretty much by seniority we picked desks. The process was pretty funny, and loud. I am happy with my new location, by the window, away from the Ogre. It was my second choice. I am next to a talkative woman, so hopefully that won’t be too bad.

Will’s Tuesday doubleheader was rained out. He had been scheduled to pitch game one. He’d probably be more effective as the game two starter. They try again on Thursday. He’s leaving for Florida on the 29th, so he’s got to finish his finals before then.

Took Matthew to Taco Bell last night after Will’s game. He’s such a picky eater that he never eats enough. He gulped down his two bean burritos. Will’s first game started before 4:30, and the second game didn’t end until after nine. I’m trying to enjoy them while I still can. I watched the Braves until after 11:30.

Will wasn't swinging good, so I decided to take a video of his swing. On the first pitch he gets his best hit of the night. They won both games.

Helped Anna with her speech/paper. She’s still basking in the glow of her prom last Saturday.

I’m liking the Knicks these days, though I’ve never been a big Carmelo fan. I’ll root for them, the Hawks, Lakers, and Mavs and Spurs.

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