Friday, April 13, 2012


Had a friend at Tech named Dave Travis. Great guy, great leader, always very motivated. Seems to have carved out a fruitful career in ministry, married the beautiful friend he met at Tech, and has raised a couple of beautiful daughters. I reconnected with him on Facebook a few years ago, and more recently on Linked In…though I’m not sure we’ve actually conversed.

On Twitter he describes himself as the “Chief Executive Officer and Chief Encouragement Officer of Leadership Network – the network for Kingdom Entrepreneurial Innovators, Atlanta, GA.” He has 2,298 Twitter followers, and follows 1,349 others…including me. Like me, he automatically posts his tweets onto his Facebook page.

After re-tweeting one of my re-tweets yesterday (The Nationals don’t steal very much, for a team based in Washington, DC), Dave sent the following tweet to his many followers:

“If you like funny, follow my old friend @iDavidMurphy via Twitter. He is just as funny now as he was 30 years ago.”

How very nice…made my day. I thanked him, reminding him that it was all in the timing…a reference to the time at Tech when we were at the BSU State Convention at Rock Eagle. As I gave my testimony in front of one thousand college students, Dave and I had worked out a little joke: as Dave asked how I got to be such a funny guy, I interrupted him with the answer: “Timing!”

When I first saw Dave’s nice tweet during trivia, I shared it with Will and Joel. Seeing all Dave’s followers, Joel exclaimed: “You’ll probably get more followers!” He was right; in addition to Dave, my followers have increased almost ten percent (to 25!).

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