Monday, April 09, 2012

Too Early to Panic

Hopefully Fredi has learned from last year’s Linebrink fiasco to determine which pitchers are unreliable, then not use them when the game is on the line. This may be the case with the two or three castoffs they brought in just before the season started. That’s the key. With at least five good relievers (Martinez, Medlin, OFlanery, Venters, and Kimbrell), hopefully none will wear out.

Once Hudson returns, the starters should pitch themselves into midseason form: JJ, Hanson, and Beachy. Is the number five starter one of the rookies? As the number five guy, people shouldn’t count on him as an ace, quite yet. We need a month or three to get his feet wet. Huddy says he feels better than he has in years.

Everyone says the Braves stood pat, without mentioning Linebrink and Lowe leaving, the new third-baseman. We should get more offense from Pastornicky than Gonzo. We get a full year of Bourne, and Prado and Heyward are healthy and retooled. Freeman isn’t a rookie any more, and Uggla was tearing it up this spring. Once Chipper and McCann come around, the offense should start clicking.

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