Friday, April 13, 2012


Saturday is Anna's prom, and she's pumped. Tonight she's spending the night at Brittany's. As usual, they'll probably stay up late, then sleep late tomorrow. Then they'll get their nails done. Dinner is being served at the country club where the prom is being held. Ceil and I will probably take pictures at Brittany's house, then all the parents go to the country club to take more pictures.

For some reason slingshot-shooting Lily is attending the prom, even though she transferred to a public school this year. She asked Anna's friend if they could share a date. I'm not familiar with Anna's date.

Will plays in Dalton at one, so I'll barely get back on time. Yesterday they won big, though Will said he struggled through his inning on the mound.

Will went to the home opener with friends…not sure who. Joel went, and maybe Kevin. It would've been nice if Mathew went, but he needed to do school. Will caught a batting practice home run...bare-handed. He got to say hello to Johnny Pierce.

I was never crazy about the old Florida Marlins' pinstriped uniforms. The huge M on the new cap is different, but ok to me. As black jerseys go, those new Marlins jerseys are above average. Haven't seen the bright red jerseys yet. Generally, I'm in favor of sleeve patches, but you'd hope they'd be significantly different from the cap. Since they always seem to fare well against the Braves, I've programmed myself to dislike all things Marlins. Looking forward to seeing the new Braves unis tonight.

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