Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Teenage Wrecks

In the past couple of days the teenage sons of two friends of ours had wrecks. Both are fortunate to not have been seriously hurt.

My friend Lee’s 16-17 year old son Dixon wrecked the family car trying to avoid a teenage driver turning in front of him, near Johnson Ferry Baptist.

Anna’s friend Molly’s older brother Spencer had received a used two door Civic coupe on his 16th birthday several months ago. This weekend he’d returned from a JFBC youth mission trip. Not sure if it was the same evening, but he was returning home late from church. Since he was tired he wanted to get home fast, so he was speeding. Not sure if he was on Sandy Plains Road or Wesley Chapel, but he caught air coming over a hill, lost control, crossed to the other side of the road, and crashed into a subdivision sign.

Will and Anna heard the full stories, which is good. Fortunately Will is a slow driver. He just needs to learn the best route to take, and to not stay out too late, when the police are on the lookout for bad drivers. Anna still has a long way to go.

Watched most of the Braves game last night. Chipper and Pastornicky are now tied for the team home run lead, though its unlikely their critics will be quiet. Twice Pastornicky fell behind 0-2, then walked. Last night I watched more of the Braves than usual, perhaps because Houston was wearing those Colt 45s uniforms.

Friday’s Chinese was good. I was liking most of the meaty things on the buffet.

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