Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Back in the MLB

Didn’t do much all weekend. I’m really getting into baseball…watched good portions of all three Braves games, as well Saturday’s NYY/Bosox game and yesterday’s Tigers/Rangers game.

Fox cut away to the last inning of the perfect game. Ceil was squealing at every pitch. They didn’t make a big deal about the batter not swinging at the last pitch. He argued, but I didn’t hear any of the talking heads say anything.

Watched the Yankees come back from a 9-0 deficit on Saturday to win 15-9. Learned the Jeter has more hits at his current age than Rose did at the same time. Not many Red Sox to cheer for these days…Ellsbury is hurt. Salty is no all-star at catcher, and they had a bunch of no-names playing. Big Pappi looked good, with all the weight he’s lost. I’m not a big Bobby Valentine fan. He was getting lots of boos from the Sox fans. Besides their second-baseman, there’s not much to like about Boston. I don’t see them competing with Tampa or the Yankees.

On the other side, ARod seems to be a shadow of his former self. but the rest of the lineup is quite solid. Teixera is pounding the ball, as is Jeter. Robinson Cano and Curtis Granderson will come around, and Nick Swisher was getting some clutch hits. Even Andruw looks good, though he still tries to pull everything in sight.

Sunday I watched a good chunk of the Tigers/Texas game. Josh Hamilton homered. Smoltz and Ernie called the game, along with David Wells. Ceil was even asking questions, and wanting to know when the Braves were coming on.

I guess Monday was the last time I see Will play baseball. He’s taking finals this week so he can go to Florida next week, so he’ll miss games on Tuesday and Wednesday. There’s a tiny chance I might zip down to Florida, but doubtful.

Anna wants me to take her and her friends to Saturday’s Braves game. There will be a van load, so Matthew can’t tag along.

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