Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Baseball Begins

Interesting SI article on RA Dickey of the Mets. He has a book coming out that he wrote, about his life. Compared to Ball Four. Speaking of, I’ll probably start reading Ball Four tonight. I’ve had a copy for years, but only flipped through. Just finished Outliers.

Being busy the past few weeks, I haven’t been captivated by spring training, except some of the stories about personnel. But last night I listened to the game on the radio while I was running errands. Love listening to Sutton, Joe, and Jim Powell. Now I’m ready for the season.

Any thoughts on the new season? Seems like all the “fans” will expect this new third-baseman to hit 50 home runs, and be disappointed when he doesn’t. Should be interesting all year to compare his stats with Chipper’s.

Any Easter plans? Looks like we’re going to SC. Mary-Clayton is tagging along, for the first time. Not only do I not make the plans. I’m just lucky to find out what they are. Anna went to the beach this week with her friend Emily, near Seaside. No baseball for Will this week, until the 19th. He was accepted into UGA, but still wants to go to UAB.

When I read Lang’s tweets from yesterday’s NFL / Nike unveiling, I immediately texted him, asking if he saw Paul Lucas from UniWatch. Lang texted right back, saying no, but there were over 300 people there. The Falcons are one of the few teams keeping the exact same uniforms. Most are staying the same, with minor technological innovations. Only the Seahawks are completely changing.

Scott Atchison was always a character. One choir tour I roomed with him, when we stayed in people’s homes after a church concert. Once they asked him what he wanted for breakfast, and he said “quiche lorraine!” Fred O was the SPdL youth minister for a while, in the early 80’s. I think it was more than just the summer.

Work has been crazy lately…I can’t get ahead.

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