Monday, October 13, 2014

As the SEC Turns

The big story from Columbia wasn't that Georgia's running game didn't disappear. The big story was Georgia's defense making big play after big play. Matt Maulk had a terrible day, throwing four interceptions. No James Franklin is he.

Missouri's defense was worn down by all the running plays. As good as Georgia's O line is at moving the pile and opening holes, it seems like defenses are in the backfield quicker than Hutson Mason can drop back to pass. That's the problem with the passing game. Mason came into game with only the 55th best QB rating in the nation. No Aaron Murray is he.

Would be terrible if several of the big teams in the South had their best players ruled ineligible and a team from the West of Midwest won the national championship. Also could give Georgia Tech a chance.

Tech is going to have several tough games. UNC will be tough. Hopefully the Heels will have a post-South Bend letdown. Virginia will be tough. Clemson and Georgia will be brutal – un-winnable. No way Ted Roof can slow down the UGA running game. Pitt and NC State could also be tough for Tech. Hopefully both teams will be beat down and unable to defend the option. But if the Jackets can beat Virginia Tech and Miami, they can finish 4-2. Hopefully Justin Thomas will use the Duke game as a learning experience and get better every week from here on out. I still think he and Byerly and the best QB’s at running Johnson’s offense that Johnson has had.   

Tech’s problem with bowl games is that they don’t travel well. No bowl wants them. Even if they make the ACC Championship Game and the ACC winner (FSU) is picked in the final four, Tech would drop to a lower level Music City type bowl.

I picked Auburn to beat MSU. I guess Miss State is the real deal. Auburn sure looked on the ropes. No telling what will happen the rest of the way. Now that MSU is number one, look for them to be upset. Good coach he, that Dan Mullen.

Arkansas looked tough against Bama, but part of that was Bama continuing to mess up. Loved those throwback Arkansas uniforms. UGA will keep it simple and run the ball down their throats. I hear the ARK/UGA game is in Little Rock.

Alabama will struggle against LSU, MSU, and Auburn. Told you all along that the quarterback is the problem. No AJ McCarron is he.  

Ole Miss did not let up, beating a decent Texas A&M team on the road.

Vandy is like Tech. Talk a big game, then barely beat Charleston Southern by one point for homecoming.

Clemson can afford to lose their freshman sensation for a few weeks. They face Boston College, Syracuse, Wake Forest, Georgia Tech, and Georgia State. I knew Louisville would play them tough, and Clemson got lucky a few times. Terrible execution at the end of the first half by Cole Stoudt. Should’ve thrown the ball away with no time outs. Instead he tried to run it in, and the clock ran out before they could run another play. No Deshaun Watson is he.

Baylor can score, but can’t defend. Should they make the final four they will be embarrassed, like they were last year by Central Florida in the Fiesta Bowl.

Speaking of UCF, they benefitted greatly from a lucky no call at home in overtime. Looked like pass interference. Sometimes you benefit from close calls, and other times they go the other way. When UCF goes to a bowl I get to hear every detail. Chris has to save her vacation and take it when the bowl game is.

North Carolina played Notre Dame a good game. Still not sure the Irish deserve their lofty ranking. This week will tell the tale: UNC plays GT and FSU plays Notre Dame.

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