Wednesday, October 22, 2014

More Football Talk

Matt Chernoff was saying on 680 that the main reason the 4 team playoff was devised was because people got mad the year two SEC teams played for the national championship, and that there was no way they were going to put two SEC schools in the 4 team playoff the first year. But if the committee decides, it seems like they can put in whoever they want. One of the selection criteria is being the conference champion. A team doesn’t have to win to be selected, but it helps. Deciding between all the SEC teams will be tough. Depending on how it goes the rest of the year, if the Egg Bowl winner beats UGA in the SEC championship game, perhaps the Iron Bowl winner will be the second SEC team in the final four.

Will Muschamp is a goner – it is only a matter of time. Chuck Oliver was talking about what a bad judge of talent Muschamp is. At the beginning of the year Muschamp was saying his team had improved, and it is obvious they have not. Some say the bad offensive line is to blame. Florida could have a hard time beating Vandy in Nashville.   

UGA could run the table. Auburn only won last year because the UGA DB’s went for an interception instead of knocking down the pass. This year UGA is better on defense, has the best running game in the nation, and the passing game is improving every week. Auburn isn’t as good as last year. UGA has a great shot at the SEC East championship even if they lose to Auburn. Tremendous outcry last night and today about the Little league World Series pitching star appearing in the Chevrolet advertisement during the World Series. She aspires to play basketball at UConn. What’s different about her and Todd Gurley? At this point UGA is just waiting on a ruling from the NCAA. It would be good to get Gurley back on the field for a game before Auburn comes to town.

FSU could win out as well. Beating Notre Dame was impressive. A SEC West team could beat them – or even UGA. But no competition in the ACC for FSU. No way the GT offense could outscore Winston and company. The other night I listened to the Paul Johnson radio call in show. Most of the callers were supportive and didn’t ask hard questions. Johnson seemed ready for harder calls. The UGA callers can hit Mark Richt pretty hard (but most of the comments/suggestions are ridiculous).

Chuck Oliver has his own syndicated radio show – the Southern Sports Report. Heard some of it last night. He said the show had a website, but I couldn’t find it. I did find the show’s Facebook page, which had been active at least a month. Only 8 people had liked the page – a tiny number. I felt bad, so I became the 9th.      

There used to be Leonards Losers, where Leonard picked which team would lose every week on the radio and also a flyer at barber shops, etc. I have a Prince of Tides video. Perhaps I will watch it this weekend. Years ago I like the Streisand/Ryan O’Neal movie Funny Girl. One of the first romantic comedies?

You’ll be happy to hear that I won two sweepstakes recently. (1) RainX was giving away a Jeep as the grand prize. I won a first prize – a RainX baseball cap. (2) Big Red had a $25000.00 sweepstakes giving away various prizes (including YETI coolers, which would be nice). Instead I won a transformer toy worth $45.00.

Ceil fixed hot dogs Tuesday night. Also baked beans, French fries, and cole slaw. M did a better job with his homework last night. At school he’s in the choir and on the yearbook staff. They meet during the day, so there’s no extra time commitment. C and A had their ears pierced yesterday. I had a headache yesterday afternoon, so I went to bed early. Busy at work – not much to report. Perfect dinner Monday night…grilled chicken, steamed broccoli, and salad. Also pasta.

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