Tuesday, October 28, 2014

What's Going On

Getting ready for Halloween? Ceil asked what I was wearing when we go to Chipotle Friday for three dollar burritos. She’ll probably wear a Braves jersey again. Matthew has a new tuxedo-like morph suit he can wear. I recently bought a gold Captain Kirk shirt that I can’t wait to wear. Might even wear it to work. Something Sheldon would do.

Last Friday night Matthew didn’t need to be down at Passion until 9:30 and Ceil didn’t need to help arrange flowers for a Saturday wedding, so we tried out the new Moxie Burger across from the Roswell Square. As I said, larger and nicer, with a large deck with a great view. I added the “sweet chili” which was actually spicy. M usually eats plain burgers, but this time he added bacon and cheese. C enjoyed her chicken sandwich. We split an order of fries.

Drove down to IKEA and then up Peachtree. Saw the Shake Shack and that new shopping center. After dropping off M we stopped by Barnes & Noble to browse. Anna spent the night at Brittany’s.

Saturday morning I cleaned upstairs until 11:30. Ceil went to help her friend arrange flowers for two weddings at Piedmont Park. The downstairs wedding spent $2,000.00 on flowers. The upstairs wedding spent $9,000.00. Later I told Anna not to get any ideas, but Ceil said her friend Molly said she’d arrange flowers for Anna’s wedding (whenever that will be).

Went to Tire Deals Saturday afternoon, for four new tires for the Civic. While I was still out I realized they hadn’t given me a receipt, so I went back. It’s only the little hand-written receipt, but one time I was there and another customer was having a problem. The Tire Deals guy was wanted to see the bill of sale for the tire. He hand writes each sales in his spiral notebook, but you’d have to remember the exact day you bought them. The CRV needs one new tire. Don’t know why I didn’t buy two a few months ago.

Then I had the oil changed at the carwash. Also had the steering fluid topped off, which seemed to cure the noise the car was making. The check engine light turned off, and it runs great again. For years I’ve gotten my oil changes and emissions tests at the Mr. Clean carwash in East Cobb. Comes with a free wash – inside and out. They do a good job, and aren’t too bad at trying to sell you extra stuff you don’t need. Pretty fast. There’s a Fairway Carwash up Peachtree Industrial near work that I can use at lunch, but I like the Mr. Clean crew better. I tried out the new Mr. Clean in east Roswell, but they were disorganized and charged more. Honda says to change the oil every 10000 miles, but I try to change it a little more often. Those oil change places want your money every 3000 miles.

After that it was time to drive downtown to pick up Matthew. We stopped by Taco Bell on the way home. Watched the rest of the Tech game, then Clemson game (and others).

When I woke up Sunday morning my hip was hurting – bad. Hadn’t done too much Saturday. I was sneezing late Saturday night, which might’ve pulled a muscle. Limped downstairs and watched the second half of the Falcons game. Did some cleaning but tried to rest the hip. Had a restless night trying to sleep. Finally took some drugs at 4 am and found comfort in Matthew’s not so high / not too low single bed (he likes to sleep on the couch downstairs). This morning I had a hard time climbing into my little Civic, so I drove the taller CRV to work instead.
My hip felt ok all day Monday, thanks to drugs. But it killed me when I got in my car to go home. Stopped by the post office and a thrift store. Ceil fixed grits and eggs and bacon for supper. She watched the Voice, which featured Taylor Swift. 

Then I flipped over to the Cowboys/Redskins game. I was rooting for the Redskins. Nice that Colt McCoy is doing well. Watched some of the second half, but went to bed at 11 pm. Hated to see Tony Romo go down. Chuck and Chernoff were talking about how quarterback years fly by. Romo doesn’t have many productive years remaining. The clock is ticking on Matt Ryan as well.

Drove the larger CRV again Tuesday. Hip feels about the same, but I did sleep better, thanks to the drugs.

M used his birthday money to buy an electric guitar off Craig’s List. My small group friend Reid went with us to meet the seller. He owns several guitars, and is an Emmy-winning composer at Turner. It was that very day that Reid learned he was keeping his job. Matthew takes lessons from a guy with good credentials, who helped produce a song for a girl we know – that trended on iTunes. M is practicing more and more. He is singing in the choir at his school and seems to have a decent voice – he is a bass! Anna got an acoustic guitar for her birthday and taught herself to play. Every now and then she would emerge from her room and ask M a question about a particular cord or something. She practices a lot as well – behind the closed door of her room. Now Will is saying he wants to learn the guitar. The violin lessons he took for years do give him a head start.  

I went to one of Ceil’s high school reunions, and it was super boring. Also went to several of mine, but my best friends didn’t go. I knew most of the people in attendance, but it just wasn’t the same. It is interesting to see the people on FB, because that’s more like they actually are day to day. Most of my friends were in the marching band.

One good thing about collecting baseball cards is that 20 years later when those American League everyday non all-star players become Braves hitting coaches or minor league managers, you know all about their background. I haven’t watched any of the World Series – only GT, UGA, and Clemson.

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