Sunday, October 12, 2014

Same Old Tech

Every time Georgia Tech gets ranked they lose. They beat Virginia Tech and Miami then lose at home to Duke.

Thomas came into the game ranked eighth in the nation in passing, but Paul Johnson called way too many pass plays. Then when he should've thrown the ball in the stands Thomas blindly threw the ball across his body up the field.

As a first year starter Thomas was past due to have an off game. Laskey fumbled one away. Still not impressed with linebacker Neeley.

Cutcliffe may be the best in the country at coaching quarterbacks, coaching up average players, and calling plays. No need for Duke to pass when GT couldn't stop the run.

Synjin Days has contributed less in his five years at GT than any player that I know of. You'd think he'd learn how to block or not fumble or not slip when changing direction, but these things he does again and again.

I knew Byerly was a good backup that could move the team. Nice that he got the chance. I still think Thomas gives you the best chance to win and break the big play.

GT spreads their defense and Duke runs up the middle time after time after time

Atrocious refereeing. Bad calls and spots aren't reviewed, most of the bad calls went against Tech.

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