Friday, October 17, 2014

Faster than Flying

Trip numbers:
08:30 541 hours/miles from work to LR hotel.
08:00 529 hours/miles from LR office to home.
16:30 1070 total trip time/miles when driving.
$588.50 reimbursement at $0.55 per mile
$089.10 gas expense at 40 MPG and $3.299 per gallon
$499.40 money I could’ve pocketed for new tires/etc.
14:15 wed 10:30 fri depart
22:00 frid  20:00 fri arrive
07:15 total 09:30 trip time = 16:45 when flying
So I would’ve saved 15 minutes and $500.00 had I driven. Also would’ve been able to read more and have less exposure to the ebola.
Ceil fixed homemade pizza Tuesday night. Had leftovers for lunch Wednesday and Thursday.
Looks like Winston is becoming more and more of a problem. Jimbo is trying to stay positive because Jameis is such a good QB. Some NFL team will take him – probably the Raiders. I would stay away, he is way too immature.
Wonder if when Gurley returns he will still have the captain’s “C” on his jersey.
Worked until six Wednesday afternoon, then stopped by PeachMac on the way home to fix a problem on my iPhone. Took the guy less than one minute. No charge. Ceil fixed chili, and I cleaned the kitchen.
Watched the NBA tour bus special. We had just been able to receive NBA TV for a few weeks, so I was able to tune in. Very good show, got better as it went along. Thought that hat made Rick Fox look like Darth Vader. During the show Lang took over the NBA TV Twitter account and was answering questions. I wanted to snap a photo of him being the face of the NBA, but I got the idea too late.

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