Friday, October 10, 2014


It looks like Todd Gurley will finish his career with a 100% completion percentage.

Hopefully Gurley will only be suspended a game or two (recent reports aren't as optimistic). One of the reasons he is elite is because he'll get that not to be denied look in his eyes, especially late in games, like he's mad that the Tennessee or Vandy score is still too close. Memorabilia Experts say UGA players are hard to get to break the rules because they're so well educated on the rules, after the AJ Green jersey incident.

A long suspension could not only take Gurley out of the Heisman race (if it hasn't already) but also from the greatest SEC player ever debate. Tebow played all four years, helping him rank near the top with Herschel, who only played three. Bo had the highest yards per carry average (Gurley is second), but his career pales in comparison to Walker - in both college and pro. 

If Gurley can finish strong I would rank him in the top four, but a conference and national championship would help, as would the Heisman. I just will miss seeing him run. Wish both Bo and Herschel had played their senior years. A four year rushing total by Walker would never have been broken. Few pass his three year total. Gurley might've needed the money more than Mansiel, but neither should've broken the rules. I hate memorabilia dealers, and the way they hoard autographs. The kids are the losers.

My host took me and another trainer to a fancy Mexican place last night. They shared a love of sailing and had lots of stories. Also discussed zoo animals, so I had a few stories to add. The trainer was a Huey pilot in Nam, and shared some of those stories. All three of us have sons entering the medical field. My host's son received a Purple Heart in Afghanistan from friendly fire.

I ate a special enchilada dish that was spicier than the regular enchiladas I almost got. Also had apple pie, because the Huey pilot did. Some reason. But it was good.

Moe Berg was a ballplayer but also a spy. Always made the barnstorming teams that traveled overseas. Look him up!

Wrote this at the LR airport (on my phone). The airport was recently renamed for a former first couple. Went to the Clinton Presidential Library yesterday. Saw a moon rock. Bill was reportedly in town earlier this week, because the lights were on in the library's upstairs apartment, were he stays when in town. 

The tiny jet just pulled up. Weather cloudy but good. Since the layover in Houston is short I ate lunch here - a BBQ pork plate.

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