Friday, October 24, 2014

Par Three 16th

Played golf with Will last Saturday morning. Got to the course at sunrise and finished nine holes by 9:30 am. I played ok and Will played much better. We both hit two balls most of the time. I only hit one ball on 16 - good drive, a great chip, and good putt for a par. 

Had Bojangles biscuits Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Friday night Ceil cooked poppyseed chicken, a favorite of Anna's. Saturday night was Pizza Hut takeout. Sunday lunch outside at Moes. Lots of organizing Sunday evening.

Been working until 6 pm every afternoon. Wednesday night Anna went to art. Ceil cooked spaghetti. After supper I went to the library, the Dollar Tree, and Kroger down on Lower Roswell. They’re all next to each other so I park right in the middle and walk. At the library I checked out a Daniel Boone biography. Also a book about President McKinley and his assassin.

On the way home Thursday I picked up bobblehead number 110 – a Thrashers goalie. Burritos for supper. Ceil and Anna were watched the season finale of Project Runway, so I went upstairs and fell fast asleep.

This weekend M is participating in the Passion youth service weekend down in the inner city. He has homework to catch up on, but the break will be helpful. Saturday Ceil is helping a friend arrange flowers for a wedding. I’ll break out the winter clothes, do laundry, get the oil changed (and maybe some new tires), and watch football.       

Did you pick Tech to beat Pitt? Hopefully the GT offense can outscore the Panthers. I’m worried that the lack of Zach Laskey will enable Pitt to key on the outside. QB Thomas has proved he can run up the middle on QB draws, so hopefully that will keep the Pitt D honest. We’ll see if GT team spokesman/backup RB Synjyn Days can take advantage of his big opportunity to fill in for Laskey. Days appears to have all the tools: big, strong, fast – but has been outperformed the past four years by the skinny Laskey. Should be a close but winnable game.

My co-worker drove from Cumming to southeastern Missouri in 7 hours 10 minutes this past weekend, stopping twice for only 15 minutes at a time. It can take us almost seven hours to drive back from SC. The stopping can be fun, but towards the end of a trip I get ready to get out of the car.   

Speaking of long rides, the NBA TV Bus Tour show was great. Loved how some parts were in color and other parts in black & white. Ceil watched some as well. After it ended I left the TV on the NBA channel and washed the dishes during that discussion program. I went to bed, but Ceil was up late and said the bus trip show came on again - and she watched it again.

Hanging out with Larry Bird and Phil Jackson was the best. And Gasol. John Wall. They all seemed like regular guys. Loved how Rick's role was to be the sleepy goofball. I'd seen photos of him with that hat on, but it was during the show that I thought he looked like Darth Vader in it. Makes me want to grow out my grey beard.

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