Thursday, October 02, 2014

What UGA's Problem Is Not

Georgia is 3-1, the lone loss coming because the Bulldog defense couldn't stop the South Carolina offense. Georgia's running game has overpowered all four opponents to the point that they haven't had to pass. Georgia's top two receivers have been hurt but hope to return this week. When Bobo tried to pass in the third quarter against Tennessee he realized he should've kept pounding the ball on the ground. Georgia ranks last in the conference in passing - because they haven't needed to pass. They rank first in rushing.

Yet fans think Hutson Mason needs to be benched. How could playing an even less experienced quarterback would make things better. These fans do not see every rep each QB takes in every practice, like the coaches do. They haven't seen the backups firsthand, except for a couple of series in the Troy game. Why do these fans think they know more than the coaches? The calls to the Mark Richt show are embarrassing.

Braves hitting coach Greg Walker stepped down instead of waiting around to be fired. People blame him for the team's offensive woes. He can preach sound hitting principles until he is blue in the face, but until players with flawed approaches change, he can't make an impact. Simmons and BJ are the worst offenders. After a great 2013, Chris Johnson messed himself up after clubbing two home runs at Wrigley in early July. Rookies Gossilin and LaStella contributed much more than Uggla. Gattis struggled with injuries, and without him the offense nosedived.

Tuesday I worked past 7:20 and Wednesday past 8:10. I am the company expert for the complicated work order system, so people across the Southeast call me to solve the problems they've gotten themselves into. This takes time. Yesterday co-worker Tim asked me to look at four work orders he had completed. All four balanced perfectly to the penny. I got everyone's attention and announced what a good job he had done.

Left at three to head to Augusta. More next week!

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