Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Rock Eagle

In high school and college Rock Eagle was always a great time. Small church retreats and large Baptist student conventions, with midnight hikes to see the eagle. Mary Clayton's family goes all the time for 4H events, and Will got to go several times as well.

I will watch very little of the baseball playoffs, and very little NFL football. UGA football will be event viewing, and to a lesser extent Clemson and GT football. Last week the Clemson/UNC game was on ESPNU, which we do not get. I did have a game on while I worked on my eBay stuff. The Super Bowl party we attended for years is no more, since most of the kids have grown up and gone off the college. I watch even less basketball - neither pro nor college...not even the NCAA's.

Sept 20: Before heading out to the Cobb EMC meeting Saturday morning I took a pill for my nose. Turned out to be a PM pill. No wonder I nodded off during the Tech game. Also watched some of AL/FL and ATL/NYM before the FSU/Clemson game. Gassed up Anna's Jeep and mailed more packages as well. Sunday I cleaned upstairs until noon, while listening to a Bryant Wright sermon on the internet. Ate lunch, did laundry and the dishes, and cleaned downstairs until after 2:30. Will had caught an earlier flight back from Oklahoma, where he had attended four performances of MC's play: "Carrie, the Musical." I picked him up at 3:45. Brought him home for burgers and fries. After spending the night Will rode with me to work Monday morning to pick up his car. Was the first one in the office. Too bad my boss was off.

Winston: I think Richt would've been stricter, though some would've given him heat for another negative mark on the program. Like you say, I haven't heard that about FSU. Did after the crab legs incident, though.

Rarely do you see a team do so much wrong as Tampa did against the Falcons. Everything was going wrong - fumbles, bad snaps, penalties, poor special teams play. About time something went right for the Falcons. Not really much you can take from that game about what kind of team the Falcons are. They have improved. Last year they were much worse than the Braves. We'll see about this year.

I need to get out and exercise at night, since I'm not doing it in the mornings. We eat so late, that by the time the dishes are done its almost too late to do anything else. Been working super late. Just about brain dead. Worked past 8 pm Monday night. Not much of an evening left when I got home. Anna had made a chicken casserole and salad. I reviewed her application to UGA and we went it off. More meetings Tuesday morning, and a bunch of month end stuff to do. Another long day (left at 7:20). Thursday afternoon my new boss and I head to Augusta to take inventory Friday. Next Wednesday I'm flying to Little Rock to train a class of hotshots for two days.

L mentioned the bus tour to me when we were texting back and forth Saturday night. He was excited about everything except the sleeping on the bus part. I would want to stop and take pictures at oddball places and tourist traps and stuff.

Will Terdo take Doumit's place? After this year they're probably looking for a veteran leader or two for that role.

ROB: I would have liked to have seen the Braves play Terdoslovich more. Terdo should take over Doumit's role. Here is the issue with bench players; it is hard to put a young player like Terdo into the role because they are used to getting 4 AB's every day. So they have to adjust to the majors at the same time they are adjusting to playing in a limited basis. The prevailing thought is that older players like Doumit can handle the role better. However the issue with older players is that some have just reached the end of the MLB line - and by the time you realize that, you have wasted 100+ PA's. Remember Greg Norton a few years ago and Doumit this year.

My solution is the Designated Pinch Hitter role (the original name for the DH). This player is ALWAYS, without exception, the first pinch hitter off of the bench. How often does a team not use at least 1 PH a game? You don't play matchups or wait for another moment, the first time in a game where you PH for the pitcher, you use your #1 DPH. This way they know they are getting 1 PA almost every night and can stay sharper than if you are sitting for multiple games, having your PA's depending upon matchups and situations.

BJ had a 113 OPS+ in September - though I think that was mainly due to his 3 HR's in part-time duty. I think he will end up with the someone like the Cubs and fix his swing enough to have a 20 HR season. The fans here will go crazy, but I think the reality is that sometimes people are in situations where, for whatever reason, they aren't as comfortable as they are in other situations where they are more successful. Maybe it was the big contract or maybe it was playing with his brother.

When Tom Glavine came up in '87, I thought Ted Simmons was his personal catcher. Looking through the '87 and '88 boxscores, I can't find a game where Simmons caught Glavine. It is funny how we remember things which never happened.

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