Sunday, December 28, 2014

Average Teams, Average Bowls

Once again we're treated to average teams playing average football wearing average uniforms (except Lousianna Tech above) in average bowl games with average attendance.

Illinois came back and finally played some halfway competitive football, though they weren't anywhere close to winning. Made the Big Ten conference look bad. In the first quarter the Illini kicker missed an easy field goal, then was caught joking around with a teammate on the sidelines. A few minutes later Illinois scored a quick touchdown and the kicker promptly missed the extra point.

On one interception the receiver was obviously held, then on the return there was a block in the back. In the late game defensive pass interference was called after the offensive receiver had run out of bounds, making him ineligible. 
UNC saved some of their worse football for their bowl game. Mistake after mistake. Four dropped interceptions. Twice they ran into the punt returner before he was able to catch the ball. Only when starting QB Marquise Williams was replaced by his backup did the Heels mount a too late comeback.
The St Petersburg game was the first bowl to be sponsored by the currency of the future one world government. UCF played their worst game of the season, especially on defense. The Knights rushed the Wolfpack QB too hard, allowing him to beat them with his scrambles. UCF should've laid back and took away the rest of the offense and made Brissett beat  them with his arm. As it was Brissett fumbled three times in the first three quarters. but the inability of the UCF defense to tackle was the difference in the game. State blew a great scoring opportunity at the end of the first half. Too bad they didn't play this good against Clemson and Georgia Tech.

With almost every bowl game on ESPN, the sports leader must resort to bottom tier ESPNU announcers to call these early games. Amir, who proclaimed Clemson freshman QB Deshaun Watson "the leader of next year's Heisman race" after one good quarter, called the entire third quarter thinking it was the fourth quarter.

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