Monday, December 29, 2014

So Long Smitty

How can the Falcons fire their all-time winningest head coach and not the GM? The problem isn’t the scheme but lack of good players. So many of the people so disappointed in the Falcons were the same fans who before the season started predicted they’d only win six games. Based on the way the Falcons played against the Saints, Steelers, and Packers I thought they had a chance to beat the Panthers. But Carolina came to play.

After his traffic accident QB Cam Newton said he was reprioritizing his life, but I saw little change on Sunday. His defense forces a turnover and returns the interception down to the shadow of the goalpost. His ten teammates on offense block and fake and push (and hold), allowing Newton to score on a short run. Cam pops out of the pile with a huge smile on his face and starts his Superman celebration, as if he scored the un-needed touchdown all by himself. Still the most arrogant player in all of sport.

The penultimate Falcon game didn’t hold my interest very long. Didn’t do much on Sunday. No services at NP or PCC. Straightened up a little and did lots of laundry and folding. Cooked some pita bread grill cheese quesidias on the panini  press. Watched the movie Left Behind, which was ok but still made far below the standards of most major motion pictures. I read where at least two sequels are planned. Some of the main characters are already signed, but not Nicolas Cage as of yet.

Later I watched the movie “Win a Date With Tad Hamilton” which was surprisingly good. I would recommend it. Not too deep of a plot, no Schindler’s List. Probably on Netflix. Also watched “The Wedding Pact” which was also had its moments.

Tomorrow I need to drive to Bogart (Athens) during lunch to look at some chairs for my mother. Not sure what else I’ll be doing the rest of the week – probably driving Matthew around. Just made an appointment to get my Civic serviced early Wednesday morning. Guess I’ll take my book. I can walk down to Chickfila for a biscuit. Also need to get tires for Will but he’s not carving much time out for it. He doesn’t have much time to spend with MC before school starts.

I’m kinda footballed out but at least better bowls and teams will be playing this week. TV ratings may be up but as usual they will be lots of empty seats. Tons of empty seats in the Heart of Dallas Bowl. Will be interesting to see the Peach Bowl attendance under this new non ACC/SEC format. Should be lots of Ole Miss fans but not sure about TCU. Will might go to the game with the Gilberts. He has an old TCU sweatshirt he can wear.

Looking forward to Clemson tonight, followed by Arkansas. Tuesday is UGA and Wednesday is GT. Thursday the two playoff games. I completely missed the SC/Miami game Saturday. Never found out why the NFC Falcons game was on AFC CBS.

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