Wednesday, December 10, 2014

More Jeter Trivia

More Derek Jeter trivia from Some we already knew.

1. Started 99.5% of the games he played in.
2. Never played another position other than shortstop.
3. Only player to win the All Star Game MVP and World Series MVP in the same year.
4. He never won the AL MVP but finished in the top ten an amazing 12 times.
5. As a kid future big leaguer Todd Frazier met Jeter on the field before a game. They were reunited before the 2014 All Star game.
6. Michael Jordan often texts Jeter to remind him that Jeter has one less ring than Jordan.
7. Jeter’s parent’s attended many of his games. Each time they do Jeter makes eye contact with his mother before his first at bat. He’s done this since Little League.
8. Jeter played basketball in high school – against future NBA stars Chris Weber and Jalen Rose.
9. To this day Jeter roots for the Michigan Wolverines.
10. Jeter ranks fifth all time in most times hit by a pitch.
11. Originally did not want to become the Yankees team captain.
12. Was the 14th team captain in Yankees history.
13. In 1996 the Yankees almost traded Mariano Rivera to the Mariners for veteran shortstop Felix Vermin. Instead they went with the rookie Jeter.
14. First in playoff games played.
15. Most playoff hits in history.
16. His 3000th hit was a home run. Only one other player did that.
17. Only struck out once in his last two years of high school.
18. Paul O’Neill, Tim Raines, and Jeter became the first Yankees to hit back to back to back home runs.
19. Only hit .198 during the 2001 World Series but hit the game-winning home run in one of the games.
20. Had his own locally distributed sugar frosted breakfast cereal.

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