Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Pink Slip Perry

You hate for anyone to lose their job (especially in December) but 680AM's Perry Laurentino went out his way to be a jerk. The AJC article was spot on – Dimino refused to put up with his panderings and wouldn’t let Perry so rudely interrupt him. Northerners may like that crap but it’s not the way we do things down here in the South. Along with Chuck Oliver, Chris Dimino is the most knowledgeable sports guy on the radio – especially about baseball. Just wish he’s shave that devil goatee, even if he’s ugly underneath. No shame in that. 

With Perry gone I’m not sure who Rude will make fun of. Brandon Leak is a nice guy and Atlanta native, but he’s not one of my favorites. I like Chuck and Chernoff best, Dimino and Rude, Leo, and Buck. Also Tony Barnhart and Wes Durham. Not crazy about Sandra Golden, Brian Finneran, or John Kincaid. Steak has before a caricature of himself, made fun of by everyone else.  

I agree with Cowhurd. The conference tried to jiggle the system. Baylor isn’t the little Baptist college they used to be, which is good and bad. Nike runs things now. They wear a different uniform every game. Good fans though. Former Buckeye Kirk Herbsreit really did some lobbying for Ohio State on Saturday and Sunday. Enjoyed watching David Pollock take the opposite stance. How could TCU score 55 points and drop from 3 to 6? Did Wisconsin flop for the sake of the conference?

Wanted to make a joke about how you hadn’t seen protesting until Baylor and TCU got left out of the playoff, but figured it would be in poor taste. If they increase the playoff to 8 there would still be arguments. I never get to watch or hear Cowhurd here at work, so I’ll take your word on him. Sounds like a good guy. Chuck Oliver attends Buckhead Church. He has mentioned it on the air. Several other radio guys go there as well.

Lots of people are sick. I still have my headache – a literal headache and a few figurative ones.

Dec 1: Busy here at work. Supposed to let up in December, but more responsibility keeps getting heaped on my head. Ceil’s cousin’s wife’s mother passed away today, after a long illness. Over Thanksgiving C had gone to visit her, as all of the family who had come from out of town for the holiday. Steak, salad, mashed potatoes, and broccoli casserole for dinner last night. Ceil’s favorites. Whole Foods was having a sale. Watched a little of the Tom Selleck movie “Mr Baseball” on the MLB Network. Not interested in Miami or the Jets.

Dec 5: Took a vacation day last Friday. Had to run Matthew around and get the oil changed. Cleaned, laundry, blew the drive. Still lots to do. I was watching the movie version of Grishams A Time to Kill. Saw where UCF had a 2 TD lead at the half. Next update they trailed with less than 2 min but had 80 yards to go. Evidently EC got the ball but failed to get a first down. Flipped it back to see the post game interview and replays.

Dec 6: Late Saturday afternoon I took Barney out in our backyard. He had done his business and was poking and sniffing around. Thought I saw something move down by the creek, so I looked closer. Down at the bottom of the hill on my side of the creek was a female deer. Barney didn’t notice and I remained still. The deer splashed through the creek and scrambled up the bank to the other side, and disappeared into the woods. Then I noticed a buck with a nice rack of antlers following behind. He did took the same path. Barney never noticed or heard the splashing.    

Saturday the Christmas cards arrived via FedEx, but they contained a grammatical error – it read MURPHY’S instead of MURPHYS. Supposedly corrected cards are being sent. We already have plenty of cards – want two? You’ll know where you stand by whether you get a correct card or incorrect card. All collectors know the error cards are more valuable. I need to start addressing envelopes. Not sure when I’ll be able to write the annual Christmas letter. Since we have real cards this year I’ll probably only send the letter to those who usually send us a letter (and you!). One letter family sent us a card, but no letter. I brought some cards to work to see how they’d look with a red pen over the offending apostrophe. It was Anna who had caught the mistake and called asking them to make the correction. Then Ceil followed up. I was just an innocent bystander.

Dec 7: Saw the Giradeau’s at JFBC Sunday. Dug through the freezer and found some BBQ. Ate some both Saturday and Sunday. Friday I got Matthew some Chipotle. Ceil cooked meatballs Saturday night and French Toast on Sunday night. That selection show went on and on. Later I watched The Truman Show, a movie I’d never seen before. Matched over 80 pairs of socks. Dozens more already in drawers. Don’t know why more socks are bought. Sunday night we watched Elf. I flipped it over to EATEN ALIVE on the Discovery Channel but they were taking too long to get to the main course. Went to bed before both ended.

Received a big envelope in the mail. Ceil got the mail from the box and proclaimed “This one is addressed to THE MURPHYS so I am opening it!” She took everything except for the NOLA scores, which I gobbled up.

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