Wednesday, December 24, 2014

The Rest of the Story

Earlier this month I posted pictures of Miller High School. When I was in Macon a few weeks ago I noticed an article in the paper – the school has been listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The school is also being converted into apartments, with single family homes to be built on the western section of the site. Considering how the place looks now (above) I suppose anything to spruce up the place would be good. Hate that the Miller gymnasium will be torn down.

I didn’t notice the photo above the Miller article until my mother pointed it out to me – my former Baskin Robbins owner Maryel Battin was pictured at the Sydney Lanier house. That article is here:

Worked until six Monday night. Stopped by a store and the bank. Almost went to a Christmas party but didn’t – seemed like it was for all the girls that Will graduated with and few adults. And it was raining. At 5:45 Ceil had called after a long day of shopping. Got home at 7 pm. I played on the computer and didn’t do too much. Ate leftover salad and other leftovers.

Lunch Monday and Tuesday was leftover beef stew, minus the potatoes. This morning I made up my excel spreadsheet 2015 calendar and added the Braves and Pelicans schedule. Will also add the GT and Oglethorpe basketball schedule. Later will add potential Gwinnett, Rome, and Chattanooga dates.

Reid is the best at picking college football games. My record dropped to 3-4. I wished I was out there on the field Monday fighting with those Memphis players. Then the SDSU kicker misses a game-winning chip shot. Gonna be a long bowl season.

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