Thursday, December 04, 2014

GT/FSU Chatter

Wonder if FSU dropping to number four will impact the Seminole player's outlook/motivation – making them fired up to prove they belong, or play poorly because nobody believes in them. You never know. You would've thought they wouldn't have sleepwalked through the game with rival Florida, who played inspired football themselves for at least two reasons (1) they were playing against their rival and (2) it was Muschamp's last game. Another factor might've been than as an SEC school Florida was better than most of the ACC competition FSU had faced (even Notre Dame was proved to be a patsy). Maybe FSU is so cocky that they don't realize they not as dominant as last year.

And while the lawyers did most all the work, Winston's having to respond to the rape charges against him this week could have an impact on his game preparation and performance. Again, he be distracted, or he could play above his head. As talented as he is, it just seems like he could be an NFL bust like Cam Newton and Geno Smith and the Raiders number one draft pick from LSU – old what's his name Jarmarcus Russell.

Saw where GT is better statistically than most every other team FSU has played all year. GT QB Thomas has thrown four interceptions to Winston's 17. WR Smelter tore his ACL and will miss the last two games. At least the other two receivers are tall. To win Tech will have to play its best game of the season, especially without Maconite Smelter. The unreliable Butker can't miss. The defense will have to force turnovers. Good thing Laskey is back.

Vegas odds had UGA a two touchdown favorite over Tech. What they did not factor was (1) the rivalry and (2) UGA being let down after Missouri clinched the division championship. Vegas odds did not factor the two goal line fumbles and poor coach's decisions (short kick and calling timeout to ice the kicker even though he wasn't ready to kick).

GT had been on a winning run wearing the white helmets, so it surprised me when they brought back the gold helmets in Athens. Since FSU also wears gold helmets and pants, Saturday night Tech could very well dress in white head to toe. The players pick the unis, so there's no rhyme or reason. Like having the inmates run the asylum.

Why is Army going to a bowl? I suppose Army and Navy goes to bowls because special bowl games are set up especially for them. I really don't know. Did Air Force have a worse record than Army? Army is slotted for a January 2nd bowl - the Lockheed Martin Armed Forces Bowl (Ft Worth) AAC vs Army. Navy is also already slotted in a bowl game, as is Brigham Young. Sounds like UCF will play in the Dec 26 bowl in Tampa. Clemson is rumored to go to either the Citrus or Russell bowl – both in Orlando.

There are at least 80 bowl-eligible teams but only 78 slots. Georgia Southern won 9 games AND the conference championship, but is ineligible for any bowl because this was the first year they had moved up into their new conference. So many rules, and the bowls greedily wrangle to get the teams that will buy the most tickets. That why schools with few fans (like Tech and Duke) always get shoved to the worst bowls. Last year the Chickfila Bowl hated having Duke. I'm sure the Orange Bowl isn't thrilled about hosting Tech. There will be empty seats.

The AJC says Tech fans are buying up tickets for the ACC Championship game. There are probably lots of GT grads that live in the SC/NC I-85 corridor, from Greenville to Charlotte to Raleigh. One Tech fan that might go to the Orange Bowl is Coach O'Leary's daughter. She'll already be in Florida for the UCF bowl game in St Pete. Also coworker Thomas, who lives in Jacksonville and had season tickets. Probably coworker Jeff from Hilton Head as well. Orange Bowl is a Wednesday. I have to work on Friday January 2!

MONDAY: Worked until six. Steak, salad, mashed potatoes, and broccoli casserole for dinner last night. Ceil's favorites. Whole Foods was having a sale. Watched a little of the Tom Selleck movie "Mr Baseball" on the MLB Network. Not interested in Miami or the Jets.

TUESDAY: Ceil cooked grilled chicken and tossed a salad last night. Also fixed hot wings for M and A. I worked until 7 pm and got home late. Edited Anna's essay and cleaned upstairs. Also watched the end of the game. Couldn't believe the announcer thought they should foul while they were up three. Ceil's cousin's wife's mother passed away after a long illness. Over Thanksgiving C had gone to visit her, as did all of the family who had come from out of town for the holiday.

WEDNESDAY: Went to a focus group at noon to taste test smoked ham, so I didn't need any more lunch. Forgot there was a step and almost tripped. Now my back is starting to hurt.

M had a Christmas party to attend, so I left work a little early (5:35). Stopped by Chickfila on the way home to cash in a coupon. Service was quick and pleasant. Ceil's CRV was almost out of gas so I had to fill up. Had M meet me in the driveway, and we left. Service at the drive-thru-only CFA just south of the river was horribly slow, and there was a wreck on 400 south. After I dropped off M at 7:30 I supposedly didn't have time to go home, so I took 75 up to Marietta to hit a store I rarely visit. Bought a huge red & black golf bag for Will and a pair of Nikes to sell on eBay. Long line of cars at two different Taco Bells. Drove down Cobb Parkway to 285, then back over to pick up M. The party went 30 minutes over, which wasn't surprising. Got home at 10:30 – then took Anna's Jeep to get gas. Listened to the Tech game on the way. Long day.

My weekends have been so busy it will be nice to have a few of them at home. Way behind on my eBay.

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