Friday, December 12, 2014

My Heisman Vote

My Heisman pick: Oregon’s Mariota has it locked up. Was excellent for four years. A high QBR every year – perhaps the highest career QBR in history, considering the number of games he’s played. Leads the nation this year and his team is ranked second.

The Wisconsin RB came on too late, but he’ll probably come in second.

Alabama WR Toomer has the greatest stats for any Alabama receiver, but is lucky to have been invited to the party. He’ll come in third. Will be interesting to see how many votes Todd Gurley gets, if any. Had Gurley stayed healthy and eligible he would’ve given Mariota a run for the money. UGA would’ve beaten Florida and Tech and possibly Alabama. But he didn’t.

Used a Hardees coupon on the way back from Macon Wednesday night. BBQ burger was ok but not great. Same with this morning’s bacon and egg biscuit. Had leftover baked chicken for lunch yesterday. Worked til 7 pm. Ceil cooked boneless chicken in rice and gravy, and green beans and potatoes. Cleaned part of the kitchen and knocked out most of the Christmas cards.
Read about the SPdL Christmas musical. We don’t have a tree up. Tonight Matthew’s school choir sings at their Christmas service. Should be good. Saturday is laundry. Need to make one last eBay push.  

Been slammed at work – will hopefully get caught up as things should slow down starting today. Plenty of year end stuff to do – work, insurance, bills. Haven’t started my bowl picks. We have a week.

I love how DOB calls out people who misquote him.
ROB ON THE BRAVES: You are right, they have too many good players locked up to go into a full on rebuilding mode like they were in the late 80's. They underperformed last year.  If the season started today, I think they would be a better team than last year, simply because they have a more complimentary mix of players.  Markakis and Callaspo will put the ball in play more than Heyward and the cast of revolving 2B's.  I still think they will trade J Upton, but if they don't, I am okay with it.

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