Wednesday, August 26, 2015

AJC: At it Again

As usual it looks like half the AJC articles below are less Atlanta news and more designed to stir up the readers.

1. Is it a top headline in Atlanta that a team in Pennsylvania signed an aging backup QB? Would you rather have Vick or Tebow on your team? Vick gets hurt but is a better passer. Tebow isn’t that bad, but based on his record in Denver and Florida he does everything possible to win. In the Eagles second preseason game the analyist was critical of Tebow for running for the goal line when super slow motion showed an open receiver. The analyist didn’t mention how fast that decision had to be made. I’m pretty sure the great RGIII and Super Bowl MVP Russell Wilson would’ve made the same decision.

2. That the DH for Houston hit his 20th home run? Shouldn’t all designated hitters hit 20 home runs? The Braves are in a league that doesn’t use the DH, so Evan Gattis was of little use for them. I doubt the article mentioned how good all the players are doing that the Braves got in return for Gattis – or that Braves catcher AJ is a clubhouse leader, catching every day, and hitting .300 (70 points higher than Gattis) - and Bethancourt is batting .327. I doubt the article made a big deal about Gattis’ low batting average. Is one home run in every 30 at bats really good baseball? Hank and Babe homered once every ten at bats. Jonny Gomes woke up and hit a home run Monday. Did the Boston Globe notice?

3. Should a news article describe a local team as blundering? Shouldn’t that be left to the editorials? Did the article mention that the third-baseman who made the three errors was scheduled to be replaced next week? Whatever happened to good journalism?

Tuesday I didn’t get a single bit of my own work done. Didn’t leave until 7 pm. Picked up another pair of goofy looking trail running shoes and drove to Cumming to retrieve Matthew. Got him Taco Bell, which took entirely too long. While we were waiting (over 5 minutes – 300 seconds - for fast food) the drive in girl actually asked us to fill out the survey. She had no clue how bad the service was. Didn’t get home until 8:30.  

John Pierce, my friend who writes for the Baptist Press, got to join the meeting at home plate between the umpires and managers before Monday night’s Braves game. Season ticket holders get to do that, throw out the first pitch, and holler “Play Ball!’

Good stuff on Jerry Seinfeld: This is at least the third web article I’ve read on the subject of Jerry’s shoes. One article profiled the specific episode Jerry wore each specific Nike sneaker. I never knew he’d wore my all-time favorite Huarache running shoes.  

I had also noticed on Comedians in Cars Drinking Coffee that Jerry still wears the Nikes, but I’m not a fan of many of his current kicks. There are so many good looking Nikes out these days: several of the Nike Frees, the KD’s, the Kobes, but Jerry wears the Shox, which I dislike. Will has been binge watching Seinfeld on Netflix, so we can share the same obscure references. So you have that to look forward to with Beck.

I almost bought a pair of grey pair of low cut Kobes, but the heel was pink and the toe box was too tight.

Evan Gattis

Photos: Gattis hits 20th home run for Astros

Former Braves player goes deep in August 25, 2015 game between the Astros and Yankees.

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