Friday, August 28, 2015

I'm Yelling Timber

Thursday was the big tree cutting day. Took down two huge trees in the backyard that were hanging over the house. Also the four 25 year old Bradford Pears in the front yard that are leaning out over the street. It was only a matter of time before one or more of them split off and did some damage. Also took out several smaller trees in back to clean things up, and one smaller tree in the front that had recently cracked. Additionally our next door neighbors had the four Bradford Pears lining our driveways cut down. It’s a big needed change that looks great, but will take some getting used to.

Thursday I left work at three and zipped over to M’s school in Alpharetta for a meeting with the principal. Daniel cares deeply for his students, teaching a life lessons class where he can share his story and stay tuned to how and where the kids are. Daniel helped start up Passion City Church, and met Matthew there while working as a youth leader. At Legacy Matthew is in his life class. Through his interactions with Matthew and other students Daniel had spotted some issues he wanted to address, and called Ceil and me in to discuss them. This kind of thing makes Legacy such a great school for Matthew to be at.

After the Legacy meeting we met with the guy from the Little Bear Tree Service, who I heartily recommend. Then C and M went to the grocery. Exhausted from the busy week, I vegged out at the computer. At 5:30 I ate leftovers: pigs in a blanket, a piece of pizza, and a bowl of ice cream. Later Ceil fixed meatballs and salad, but I just tasted both. Later we watched a few episodes of The Middle.

Dock’s dad had a hole in one a week or so ago. It was the 5th or 6th of his career. I think I’ve made one hole in one at Wii golf, which is pretty fun to play. I like the basic 9 hole setup, and the practice stuff is fun as well. My Wii Masters golf game is harder, but the good thing is that it’s the Augusta National course.

Today’s first meeting was a conference call I listened to from my desk.  

I’m looking forward to GT’s first game next week. I need to make my predictions for them, UGA, and Clemson.

Earlier this week at Taco Bell Matthew got one of each of the three spicy grillers: mild, medium, and hot. I tried to get him to start with the hottest one first so I could eat any mild leftovers. M gobbled up the mild and medium grillers and ate half the hot one. He may have finished it later. Two beefy frito burritos are too much for me. I figured those bowls would be mostly rice. Those breakfast bowls at Krystal are probably the same way.

I usually don’t get a soft drink when I go to a fast food place, but I do when I’m eating Mexican or a fancy burger. I’m not crazy about Pepsi products either. Diet Pepsi isn’t great and fast food places usually don’t have diet Mtn Dew. I like Coke Zero better than Diet Coke. Sometimes I mix in a little Cherry Coke with my Diet Coke or Coke Zero. Chickfila has diet Dr. Pepper, which is nice.

I love those new machines where you can mix whatever drink you want. I often get cherry lemonade or cherry PowerAde. Last week at Yeah Burger all the soft drink choices were weird – some healthy brand. I tried the vanilla cola but stayed away from the ginger flavored drink.

The paragraph I wrote for Ceil’s bio: This is Ceil’s first year teaching art at Legacy, and she loves it. Ceil received an architecture degree from Clemson University and helped out on such projects as the Centennial Olympic Stadium, the Georgia Dome, and the Hartsfield Airport Terminal before focusing on home-schooling her three children. She is mom to Legacy student Matthew and UGA students Will and Anna, and wife to husband David. Ceil enjoys sewing, painting, and drawing.

Old stuff: AUG 11: After taking Anna to move in, Ceil, MC, and I ate a late lunch at Five Guys before driving back. I was famished from all the moving so the burger was extra good. Got caught in traffic on the way back. When we got home I had to drive to Cumming to retrieve Matthew. Didn’t get home until 8 pm. 

AUG 12: I was exhausted, and this morning I’m still tired. Left at 1:30 to pick up M and take him to the doctor. (people will ask “when do you ever work? Here’s the answer: 17 hours on Sunday and Monday. Yesterday I monitored emails all day until my phone died, and took a few calls. I’ll be over 40 hours this week easy). 

Tons to do here at work, especially since we moved. I worked straight through to 1:45 then left to pick up M at school. Seemed like I caught every red light. Ate a Moe’s burrito on the way. Took a few work calls on the way and checked emails in line at the school. M was famished so he ate a bunch from Wendy’s on the way to his appointment. C had given me the wrong address and my GPS wasn’t helping, so I drove around the Northside Hospital area for 30 minutes. Arrived on time and C surprised me by showing up. Got finished at 4:25. I needed to go back to work but with traffic it would’ve taken an hour. Stopped by to get a haircut but Denise was off, so I passed.

Got home just as my neighbor was getting a quote to cut down several trees, including the four 25-year old Bradford Pears that separate our driveways. They need to come down. I had him quote on taking out the two huge trees in back that hang over our house. There’s never money for stuff like this, but it needs to be done. After that hour I had a little more work to do. Supper was hot dogs, fries, and slaw. Hopefully soon the meals will get healthier, but Ceil had been gone all day at school, a wedding meeting, and that doctor’s appointment.

Delle Donne is almost as good as Kyle Korver’s mother – who AVERAGED 45 points per game. Donne probably did too. Her secret is making the free throws. Lots of scorers (like Shaq) could add 5 points a game to their average if they’d practice their foul shots. I think Steph Curry averaged 90%, which is almost as good as Mark Price.

I was looking at the video I took of Kyle Korver shooting against his teammate Kent Bazemore that Sunday at Passion City Church. Korver hit 23 shots in a row. That’s hard to do on a little rinky dink goal when the rim and backboard move every time the ball hits it – especially when you’re sitting in a chair. You can see it here: and here  When they called Korver to the stage he swished his first practice shot. Then Louie Giglio attempted a shot while trying to make it look easy – and shot an airball.

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