Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Lego vs Duplo vs Brio

There are larger Legos for little kids, called Duplo. Not as fun. But Brio was what my kids liked. Kits to put together toy fire trucks, ambulances, Noah's Ark, gas stations, pirate ships, etc.

I knew the storm was coming but dilly-dallied at my desk. Walked out at 6:20 to find a deluge coming down. My car was is the furthest space, so I had to wait five minutes for the rain to let up.

Ceil cooked spaghetti and salad. Later M grilled chicken for a sandwich and baked cookies. I did the dishes and played on the computer. Ceil was working on her lessons for art class. When I flipped past the MLB Network the Yankees were on there. We watched The Middle, and later a little of the Braves.

After supper my phone kept buzzing with eBay sales. Sold three shirts, then another 8 shirts, then 5 more shirts, then a Chicago Cardinals T-shirt. Tonight I gotta box them all up. Also gotta ship the 5 bobbleheads I've traded to the guy in Milwaukee.

Some kids play sports. Others music or church. A few teens do ROTC. A co-worker's son is in the Young Marines. They're selling candles as a fundraiser to help finance their trips and maneuvers and encampments. Sounds serious – something that's probably needed considering all the secret radical Islamist training bases scattered around the US.

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