Monday, August 03, 2015

Slow Weekend

Slow weekend for me – I didn't do anything. Friday I left work at six and headed home. C and A went grocery shopping. Later I drove down to Northside Drive across from the Bobby Jones Golf Course to pick up M from a party.

Saturday morning I cleaned upstairs and worked on eBay most of the day. Tried a new strategy: post items as a "Buy it Now" for 30 days so people can buy immediately instead of the 7 day auction, since I never have two people bidding on the same item. Sold three items in one day: two Braves jerseys (including a Francoeur) and a pair of red shoes. Had a can of soup for lunch. Ceil grilled burgers and baked sweet potato fries for the entire bunch. Since M is still sore from having his wisdom teeth out he grilled a chicken breast and made himself a quesadilla. After supper I watched more episodes of The Middle.

Sunday morning at Johnson Ferry we saw Joe Girardeau and Scott and Robin Condra. For some reason they had communion for the second time in three weeks. Ceil fixed sandwiches for lunch but I had a leftover burger. Will and MC went off somewhere and C took M to PCC and Anna went down to Grace Church. I did some yardwork and organized the garage and watched some Braves and golf. Later C cooked grits, eggs, and bacon then I drove down to get Matthew. Watched Bob Costas interview Craig Biggio – made me like Biggio better.

Didn't sleep well last night due to Barney huffing and puffing on the bed all night. Takes an act of congress to get him off the bed.

Braves: see the play where Andrelton held the ball against the Phillie's back as he got up off the ground at second base? For a split second neither his hand nor foot was on the bag, but it took a replay for the umps to call him out. The guy should've been more careful, and should've called time out.

Saturday's loser was Williams Perez. I didn't think he had good stuff when he won his first two starts. Fans are saying the Braves aren't as fun to watch after all the trades like they were earlier in the year. What exactly are they talking about? Sure winning is more fun to watch than losing. Relievers Avilan and Jim Johnson sure weren't fun to watch – that's for sure. Grilli was more fun to watch, but he wasn't traded – he got hurt. That guy they traded for Uribe was terrible – he wasn't fun to watch. Uribe was fun, but he was only with the team 3 weeks. Alex Wood wasn't blowing people away. Is it fun to watch a starting pitcher struggle? As I predicted, these so called fans who predicted a hundred loss season still complain after every loss. No one from the Braves front office said this would be a banner year.

Missy Simms got married this weekend.

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