Monday, August 17, 2015

At the Shower

Saturday morning I cleaned upstairs. With Anna gone I got a lot done in her room. Will was packing to go back to Athens. Moved downstairs to do some cleaning while Ceil ran out to get some things Anna had forgotten. I cut the grass and later watched some of the PGA.

Later we left and drove to Athens. First we swung by Will’s new place (above), next door to the house he rented last year. The new house is nice, but he and Fuerniss have the efficiency around back: bedroom, kitchen, and bath. More quaint than any place I ever lived, including The Hubcap on Greenwood Avenue. Then we coasted downhill to Anna’s dorm. She and Emily were worn out from sorority rush – both physically and socially.
Next we made the short drive to MC’s uncle’s house, a few blocks from the Five Points part of campus. The shower was for Will and MC’s Athens friends, mostly all students.
Supper was BBQ sandwiches, cole slaw, a mixed bean dish, BBQ chips, and brownies. MC’s uncle’s house is well inside the Athens perimeter highway, less than one mile from downtown and the campus. We saw a deer in their backyard. A swell time, but we didn’t get home until after midnight.

Slept through the start of Sunday School but made it to the service at JFBC. Heather Swilley Taylor led the singing. Stopped by Whole Foods and BP on the way home. M had grilled chicken so Ceil made quesadillas. Worked on eBay – they had a 50 free posts weekend, so I’m trying to add all 50. Ferried M down to church, but the rest of the time I worked on eBay until 12:30 am. Stopped M by Taco Bell to try their new griller items, which were of course too hot for my tastes.
Here at my new office on the second floor it seems like all the guys wear the same thing – from the new guys to the GM. They all wear khakis and navy or black or red golf shirts. An ok look but I refer black or navy slacks. All my nice golf shirts are black and navy, but when I wear them with my dark slacks I look like Johnny Cash. And when I wear dress shirts I look professional, but I look like The Old Guy.
I recently broke three bobbles, including my prized Don Zimmer Then and Now double bobble.

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