Saturday, August 22, 2015

The Week that Was

MONDAY: Worked past 6:15 Monday night and drove straight home. Made good time. Ceil cooked a big pot of chili for dinner. Later I had to go to Office Max to get M's project printed. Listened to Chuck Oliver's College Football radio show and the Braves pregame on the way. Got home and worked on the computer. Forgot the Braves were on late.

Of the 52 items I posted on eBay two have already sold: three shirts and six shirts. I'm liking the Buy it Now option that lasts for 30 days, I think. The guy in Kennesaw is returning the Teixeira jersey. He didn't look at the pictures – three of which clearly showed the former player's name on back. But if I don't accept the return I get a bad seller rating. Unfair. I also need to pay attention to all the emails eBay is sending me, to find more deals like the 50 free posts.

Anna got in the sorority she wanted. Will drove her across campus to her first class and later ate lunch with her. Ceil is enjoying teaching.

WEDNESDAY: Left work at 6:20 so frustrated I could hardly function. Swung by the library, Taco Bell, the Dollar Tree, and Kroger – all in the same Parkaire shopping center. Was almost 8 pm before I got home. I was a zombie the rest of the evening. Watched The Middle and John Luke and Mary Kate's wedding on the season finale of Duck Dynasty. Then I turned on the Braves. Packaged two eBay packages but I have three more shipments I need boxes for.

I am a LOT less money worried than I used to be. I used to be super tight and never buy anything, but these days if I added it up I'd probably be amazed at how much money I spend. I just wish when I find a penny it would be head's up!

Lately I sure have been getting real anxious about things. More money going out than coming in. Tuition. Doctors. House. Trees. Dog. Cars. Bills. Some people just don't think. Some could care less. No urgency. Ugh.

THURSDAY: Today I had meetings at 9 am, 10 am, 11 am, and 12 noon. Willy's lunch was served. Most people fixed themselves soft tacos and cheese nacho chips but I made a salad with lettuce, chicken, black beans, and salsa. Big crowd, hosted by my new department but also attended by the VP and several managers from the plant. Seems like some people from other departments came just to attend the meeting. I'm pending more time helping others than doing my own stuff. Not fun.

Left work at 5:45 so I could make it to the post office before six. Took five empty boxes home. Ceil grilled chicken, baked potato wedges, and tossed a salad for dinner. Then I packed three eBay boxes of 16 shirts and headed out. Stopped by the Roswell WalMart. M gave me an address to pick him up, but I typed Orchard instead of Orchid. The GPS took me 12 miles north of McFarland Road to a dark street. Turned out he was at a place I'd been before near downtown Alpharetta. After mailing the three packages we didn't get back home until after 10:30. I had been gone almost two hours.

Sold three pairs of shoes on eBay Thursday - and a fourth pair on Saturday.
FRIDAY: I was elected sergeant of arms, so the next email I sent closed with "Respectfully submitted, David Murphy, Sergeant at Arms" – stealing the line from Animal House: "Faithfully submitted... Douglas C. Neidermeyer... Sergeant at Arms."

A UGA student at last Saturday's wedding shower was talking about a Twitter account that pointed students to where free food was being served. He said he attended a lecture on embalming for a free lunch.

Guy at work has his arm in a sling. He looks like Eugene Levy in the movie Splash - scientist Dr. Walter Kornbluth, who had a broken arm.
Free lunch Friday at the Duluth Diner.

Kroger sells those miniature  cars. They also have Hot Wheels for a dollar, but most of them don't look as good because they're so "souped up." Matthew didn't want the bobbleheads in his room but he has a few of those cars: Fiat, VM Bus, VW Bug and a few others. As a kid I loved going to the toy store on Ingleside and looking at all the Matchbox cars, and later the first few years of the Hot Wheels.

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